Return request

`Anyone else having issues getting someone to respond to a support ticket/return request. It’s been 6 days, 2 tickets and nothing, no reply no status update, etc… I know they said there were delays but they listed only 48-72 hrs response time…especially concert with only a 30 day policy.

I’m going to have to file a complaint from my card company to get my money back… this is ridiculous. Unless someone has any advice how to get a reply??

Hello @Harriskab77 and welcome to the community

If you could post your ticket numbers here I can try to pass it along and see what the hold up is


1050221 Is a follow up ticket since I never got a reply to the first one


Thank you for the ticket number! Sorry for the delay in response. I’ll ask the team to check on your tickets and I’ll request that we adjust the first response expectation until we’re caught up. We would not close the return period on you given that you reached out to us before it ended. :slight_smile:


Can someone please look into my support ticket
1050614 Someone was helping me then haven’t heard back from them. My Wyze outdoor camera night vision stopped working then there was foggy image through live feed and now it stop working all together. Had it since preorder I’m pretty sure the camera water resistant filled and yes all the ports were closed.