No Response To Ticket

It’s been a week and to the best of my knowledge zero response to a warranty support ticket. Is Wyze willing to help, or should we just return to Amazon with an appropriate review?

Can you provide the support ticket number? I can try to have someone from Wyze respond.

I think the response time has been running somewhere around 5 business days, but they’ve had some bad weather in Seattle the last week or so which I’m sure has slowed things down.

Wyze Ticket 171845. 3 of 4 cameras purchased are amazing. One has to be rebooted multiple times per day to remain accessible. I need either help getting it reliable or swapped out.

Did you try to swap one of the good cameras to where the bad one is in case it’s location dependent?

Here’s the connectivity troubleshooting guide:

I’ve sent your ticket number over to Wyze. Hopefully it will get some action. I wouldn’t expect anything until at least Monday though.