Support response times

Recently I’ve seen posts about problems with product support.
Today a camera I recently purchased came up with a weird screen for the second time,
So I submitted a ticket at 0720 CST.
First response came at 0914 CST -[Wyze Ticket 236879] Request received: half daylight half night vision
Second response was from - Diamond (Wyze) at May 28, 7:23 AM PDT (0923 CST) asking for more info. Though all the info (except phone number) Diamond requested was in the order number.
I responded by 1105 CST.
Will see what happens

/edit 1 - 1225 CST notifying me Wyze Cam v2 Warranty Replacement Unit is ordered, followed at 1228 CST with a message from Diamond that they processed the warranty claim. Of course I’ve got to plan on the 10 days it gets anything to me, but the processing was sure quick. About 5 hours since I wrote.
/edit 2

Tracking Number: 940011120595482298xxxx

Expected Delivery by





May 28, 2019 at 7:09 pm

Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility


It’s been almost a month since I’ve contacted support the first time via email about my faulty Wyze sense door sensor. They responded to ask for more information about troubleshooting, which it turned out I had already tried. I responded back informing that I’ve tried every troubleshoot including what I’ve seen suggested by other users, but I’ve had no luck with the problem and the issue still persists. No response from Wyze yet…

Could you please post your support ticket number?


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Thank you! I’ll try to get Wyze eyes on this.

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Appreciate it!

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Would you please add my Ticket 229032 submitted 16 May Re Sense failure to pair/connect? I have had no response other than confirmation that a ticket number was initiated.

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We apologize for the delays, folks. I’m working on getting eyes where they’re needed! We hired more people so the “easier” tickets are going to be done more quickly and we’re working on getting through the tickets that may stump newbies. :slight_smile:


Well @WyzeGwendolyn please train someone for your job.
You provide fantastic support and seem very dedicated.

You were missed by many on your recent “vacation”.


People keep telling me that I need to take some time off sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t worry, I’m training @BrandonS so I can fling him into the fire. He’s providing support in different communities because I’m selfish and want you all for myself. :wink:


Please help me too! All my units in the starter pack will not connect and support just dismissed it as though I had not tried the instructions online and in forums 100x while I wait for someone to help me.


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Yeah, filed ticket 234805 on May 24th and haven’t seen any response at all.

Not hugely critical, just that my notifications are time stamped in MDT time (2hrs begins EDT where me and my sensors all live and show time synced).

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@jhnlsn11 and @gurleycm, I’ll go check out your tickets now! Thank you for letting me know to look into them. :slight_smile: