How good is support?

I am interested in purchasing a wyze camera. The product itself looks promising but when I checked out the app I discovered that many people had problems and when they reported the problems the same standard off the shelf reply was sent. I have the impression that the response was an automatically generated reply to all concerns and that the concerns went into a black hole never to see the light of day again.
For this reason I am looking into other options for my cam purchase


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As was said - run. Run Fast, Run Far. < Yes, that is a BBT reference. :grinning:

Wyze is plagued by success.
I’m just another user that came aboard the Wyze train in April 2019 with the V2’s.
It’s been a pleasant ride, but not without bumps.
I’ve tried their “sense”, lock, outdoor cam, bulbs, plugs but my focus in on the V2 and V3’s. I’ve bought about 40 V2’s, V3’s and a few Pans. About 10 have been given to relatives.

First of all it’s NOT a security camera. It’s a pretty decent low end camera, with some potential for hacking.

The main reason I have so many is that I wanted to see what is happening around my houses and then when they came out with the V3 it was so much better at night I bought a bunch more.
When I started with Wyze I had already tried Foscam, Netgear, and Reolink.
None of them had support worth a darn.
Wyze email support used to be poor, canned response and slow. That has gotten worse as they continue to add product lines. :frowning:
About the only reasons I’ve stuck around is that their product line is good for a basic camera and very low price, And they do listen to their customers some.
There are a number of things they refuse to do.
Windows app, better shippers, etc.
But this support forum is awesome and when a number of users have the same complaint Wyze is usually quick to fix the problem. Usually through a new software or firmware release.

Recently the V3’s had a batch with a problem of recording from playback. Not many of us had the problem but after a relatively short while they fixed it.

Their telephone support IF YOU GET THROUGH is usually great once you get to the second tier. But out of all the cameras I’ve bought I’ve only had problems with about 3. And all have been replaced.

Welcome to the Wyze community @ken.niece!
I haven’t had many issues with my Wyze products and when I do support is very helpful. It’s best to call them at (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT