The level of support from Wyze went from bad... to non-existent!

Have had wyxe cameras for about 4 years now. Used them in Arkansas as a backup to another brand… never really had any issues with them.
When I moved to Mexico, I bought several of them, interior and exterior.
Whenever I have any sort of problem with them… I chat, I call… I get someone from the phillipines… who doesn’t even know how to speel wise.

Canned responses, not listening to what is said, and offering absolutely ZERO support.
They treat us like we are idiots who wouldn’t even think of power-cycle, or restart device… or ensuring the app & firmware are updated BEFORE calling in.

They simply follow their script… Danica Joyce and Milky today two examples. They offer ZERO help.

They also claim they have no database which to search for issues. A LIE.
A ticket is created for each support request, therefore the data is stored SOMEWHERE. And if the support people do not have access to this information… then what good are they?

Wyze started out so promising… but then they exploded… .and now the devices are sub-par, and the support non-existent. Now I get to go and try to find security cameras that will WORK all the time.

Oh, my issues? Cameras keep randomly disconnecting (error code 90). not all, just some today, some tomorrow… only fix is a reboot of the router. ALSO… NO NOTIFICATION when the device goes offline. so I THINK I’m being protected… when I’m not. yeah, GREAT product!

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Yea support hasn’t been that great IMO

I rarely call but when I do I’ve has to deal with long wait times , agents who I can barely understand or agents who can barely understand what I’m saying to them .

They read a script , they ask me to do basic troubleshooting steps that I’ve already done .

I have a spotlight for my v3 that keeps on being unrecognized daily . I’ve had to restart the camera and power cycle the device to get it to recognize the darn accessory . Well now it won’t recognize it after doing both of those steps , and I’ve had to factory reset the device every day to get it to recognize the accessory .

I called support and they made me do all of those steps , i did it and I told them that it won’t last but I’ll try it again for the hundredth time

Pulled out the ladder , factory reset the device , connected the spotlight accessory , and after 20 attempts the camera finally recognized the accessory.

The agent took it as a success and asks me if I needed help with anything else . I told them that the spotlight accessory would be unrecognized by tonight bc it seems to be a dud unit .

I called bc I would have liked to get a replacement spotlight so I don’t have to continue doing all of the trouble shooting steps to get my camera to recognize the accessory but they insist that since it’s working now that give it another shot (something I’ve been doing for the past week)

And lo and behold , by 9 pm that night the spotlight was not ON and when viewing the live feed of the camera I could not see a spotlight icon or a spotlight accessory recognized in the settings …

Support is eh.

It’s support theater and you have to play your part by only pretending to do the steps, and then report the failure.


I think they enjoy making us do the steps. My daughter spent and hour trying to get the camera to work again. The floodlight worked but the camera would not connect, I called and spent at least a half hour and the person STILL wanted me to continue. The camera kept saying “ready to activate” over and over and over. I refused to continue after trying over, and over and over. I paid someone to install it and had to pay someone to climb to get the information off the back of the unit.
I am selling my home. If the people are nice I will tell them the Wyze cameras are not worth it and to trash them, and buy something that has good customer service. My new home will have a different security system FOR SURE.
My theory is: every company’s product will have an issue but what makes a good company is the customer service. WYZE gets a big F from me.


I was ready to do that , but I thought I’d give it a shot and today I’ll call and report that the spotlight was not being recognized no more . Hopefully i get a replacement unit today

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Can you just return it?

Yea I’m sure that if I get a replacement , Wyze will want me to send the spotlight back so they can review it .

I called Wyze today and they were able to process a replacement :slight_smile: