Frustrated again. Come on Wyze! Better customer service

Okay. Where do I start? My base station went out and been trying to get that replaced for roughly 7 months. It’s been out longer than it worked. Now we have 4 cameras and no base station. Finally got someone on the phone to send me software upgrade and info to return if not. The next day the software was gone from website and I needed more information to return. I have had no such luck since. (That was 3 months ago). They said they were sending a new one but can’t get confirmation of that still.
Then to top it all off, I purchased the new horrible service Through Apple, like I always do, and now none of my normal cameras work longer than 12 seconds, I can’t get a refund because apple says it’s up to Wyze and then Wyze says to call apple and apple says to call Wyze and Wyze…. You get my drift. The best part, I have one ‘free subscription/license’ but when I click on it to assign, it tells me I have billing issues and directs me back to…… wait for it,…. APPLE!!! All licenses are paid. None work. Not even my free one.
The customer service department can’t speak a lick of English. (Sorry but true). I can’t understand them at all. They always interrupt so I can’t even explain my issue as they assume my issue half way through.
I am so fed up again.
Why do I say again? I use to live Wyze. Great customer service. Great product. Beginning product. (Been with them for years). Then they got too big for their pants. Customer service started to fall. Products were becoming crap and service was a joke. COVID hit and I’m not sure what happened but it’s like the old company took back over. For A MINUTE. NOW WET ARE BACK ON THE DOWN HILL.
LISTEN WYZE. Y’ALL ARE YOUNG. IF YOU MADE YOUR MILLION AND YOU ARE HAPPY THEN CLOSE SHOP. STOP THE BS. OR SALE OUT. WHATEVER. STOP DRAGGING PEOPLE ALONG AS THIS IS OUT LIVES. I NEED A SECURITY CAMERA FOR A VERY GOOD REASON. IF YOU CAN’T GET WITH IT, get out. Or get the hell off your azz and fix things. Start with how EVERYONE at your office treats people. Return junk. Replace it. And god forbid fix the billing issues and this new stupid 12 second Bs. Or give it to someone that can. Tired of this with y’all. Oh and stop making new products when you don’t have the basics down on the first ones you made. Smh. So tired off seeing the junk come out where y’all spend time and money on junk and you still can’t fix billing or 12 second videos. Or SEND ME MY BASE STATION. U DON’T NEED MORE JUNK PRODUCTS.

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This is primarily a user-to-user forum. Moderators and Mavens can help escalate your issues if you have contacted Wyze Customer Support with no resolve. To escalate we need the Ticket number assigned to your CS call. Perhaps you missed this attempt to help?


I have been having the same issue. Two outdoor sets and both died within a month of each other. I now am up [the] creek. I was supposed to have them shipped to me over a week ago. Still haven’t shipped.
I have over 20 wyze products and really disappointed in their customer service. They are not tech support but card readers. I know more than they do!

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@rhondaspobox AMEN my friend. I hear you loud and clear. That is precisely what happens when a small company gets greedy and greedier, it becomes unloyal to its loyal customer$$$.

I regret so much spending nearly 1K mostly on cameras, having inconsistent bugs here and there with every firmware release (btw, they make great paper weight) subscribing to Cam Plus, only to find out it’s Cam Minus.

Wyze keeps coming up with new products, while the existing ones are full of bugs. One new FW update fixes an issue but screws up a working issue, on and on…