Stop Embarrassing Me!

First of all I really do enjoy most of my Wyze products. I am an early backer and usually purchase the new products the minute they come out.

My issue is I keep recommending Wyze to friends and family. With that goes my name and reputation but Wyze is beginning to embarrass me with their customer service. A family member was impressed and purchased a camera bundle and home monitoring. Apparently the base you sent wouldn’t work and they soon found out it had somebody else’s information loaded on it already. They let wyze know who sent them another unit that also would not work and was another regurgitated unit! Finally they received a new unit that finally worked. Embarrassing!

My co-worker was also impressed so she bought the home monitoring on Father’s Day 2021 but just received her products. At first it was a shipping issue due to a mistake on wyze’s end. Then it was a billing issue. Again on wyze’s part. Embarrassing!

For my part I have an outdoor cam I purchased June 2021 and started a cam plus subscription for it. I keep getting an error code (05) telling me to submit a log. I did but never heard back and it keeps happening so I cannot retrieve the videos from the cloud. I let Wyze know but since my camera is over a year old I am stuck with no camera and a camplus subscription I continue to pay for. I did not realize the camera would be garbage shortly after a year so what do you do but take the loss. Frustrating!

I need you to step up your game so I can continue to recommend Wyze products and purchase them myself. At this point Google Nest is looking sweeter!


Oof… not good.

Having said that, at least they’re aware of the customer service fails and acknowledge publicly the need to improve rapidly (with the help of a recent big $ infusion from investors.)

I’m sensing the first signs of improvement, very subtle and I may be misreading, but
hopefully perhaps maybe it’s a start. :slight_smile:

WYZE, I was intrigued with your start up and purchased your offerings instead of your competitors products because I wanted you to succeed … I have become increasingly disappointed and will likely not continue on as a loyal customer … Step it up my friends, or loose your loyal fans who trust you to be the best out there with the best product and updates - as well as a stunningly honest, helpful and responsive customer service -(very important) …