Wyze in general. What’s going on?!

What’s going on with this company and products? A year ago all you could read were positive feedbacks. Not the same today! All the way from the app, new products, old products… everything! Get with it Wyze or you will have a lot of extra product.


I completely agree. I’ve been using WyzeCam V2’s since 2018 and they have no become a complete pain to use. Video’s take forever to load, that’s IF they even load. Connectivity issues. CMC/CamPlus (paid services) won’t record.
At this point I’m glad i didn’t jump to buy the outdoor cam. Really debating what camera I should consider next, because these are becoming more troublesome day by day.


I have had the opposite experience. My cams have improved over time and I find them far more usable today than I did when I bought them.

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Well that’s awesome. You are definitely the minority in the group. Look at the fact of this simple post… a year ago a rep would have come on and said something to the fact… today they could care less. It’s when a company gets really big, really fast, that they have the worst problems. Always comes back to bite them later. It’s coming.
I really do hate it tho. I use to swear by this company, the service, products and customer service. Now it looks like we are switching. Had our cars broken into the other night and it shows the first two seconds of them coming into the screen and then 5 min later with my glass on the ground by car! All events taking that 5 min cool of time (obviously) and didn’t capture the complete motion. And yes, I am and have been paying for the service. Why even have the cameras if they don’t do their job and what is promised?!
I also had another camera just go out on me. I have sent two support tickets and no response in weeks. It simply isn’t the same. They will feel it soon if they haven’t already.


We have 8 to try to catch shoplifters. Only had success one time in a year. They seem to be more reliable it rebooted every couple weeks. Had one today that camera froze right before the theft. Can’t give that to the police.

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