So sad that Wyze service has gone down the tubes

I have always been happy with Wyze from the start. Even when the person detection went to crap. But for the last few months the Wyze Cam Plus service has been broken with apparently no concerns from Wyze. I called 2 months ago about it and they said their team was working on the issue. Now 2 months later it is still broken… Really? How hard can it be to track down the issue and fix it. I am glad I didn’t get sucked into the rest of the ecosystem. Here Wyze was crying poor mouth and now they could seem to care less about retaining their long term customers. Sorry but I’m am leaving wyze products for greener pastures. Would rather pay a little more for something that is reliable…

Oh look, another basher. You go on this rant about cam+ being broken but don’t explain your issue. That being said, not sure what your issue is but cam+ is working great on my cams.

When I add a new cam, the trial Plus subscription works great. I go on to Wyze and add a paid subscription and add it to any of my cameras and that camera stops recording any events. I switched it to different camera and does the same on that camera. Called Wyze 2 months ago and was told they are aware of the problem and are working on a quick fix. 2 months later and the problem still exists for me? I cancel the subscriptions and 2 days later a get charged again. I call customer service yesterday a told them I was still having issues with the Plus service and they just gladly refunded my money and apologized for the inconvenience. Is that a better description for you???

It is a better description since your OP had NO description.

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It’s not just the service that’s suffering. It is not unreasonable to expect features such as notifications to work as advertised but it’s a continued mess at least with my cameras. Push notifications flood my phones in bursts in stead of “real time” for lack of a better description. You get what you pay for.