Unacceptable Service!

I was one of the very first people that bought, supported, and spread the word years ago how great the wyze products are. I got all kinds of their products. I believe in the company.

Now after the last few weeks the camera service has really been terrible where wyze uses the public to test beta firmware and hoses peoples cameras. I am TIRED of this and the service now has been terrible. To many outages, too many firmware releases that are not tested and hoses the quality of service for the cameras.

I been in information technology for over 30+ years. Wyze, your breaking all the rules in the name of “improving” or “other” changes to your infastructure and firmware upgrades that fail.

Wyze you moved some of your infrastructure to the AWS cloud and that cloud is supposed to be 100% up all the time. As you can see either Wyze or AWS or both is not making the service better. Your taking 10 steps back in service. The service years ago was BETTER than the current service.

Wyze the service is unacceptable as of late. Too many outages, Too many Beta firmware releases to your production enviornment.

If WYZE does not get their act together, I can see people leaving WYZE and I am one of these people.

INSTEAD of making more outages and terrible firmware releases, why don’t you put in time and money to solidify your infrastructure and make the service 200% up time?

Your service uptime is TERRIBLE. Its going to lead to losing customers.

Update: As of 12:15 PM CST, whatever the issue was affecting me has disappeared. Not sure if it will return or not from WYZE changes. Just wanted to comment this for others that maybe experiencing issues today as I did.

You are complaining about all the beta updates. If you don’t want the beta updates, get out of the beta program - that YOU requested to be in.

With the flurry of firmware and app updates we have had in early 2024 (which the security updates are vital in my opinion) some customers feel like they are beta testers. I have never participated in the official Android beta program, but the fix-it Friday list is pretty big this month!

So what your saying is to throw away my cameras and give up all the money I spent on Wyze products? I never enterered any beta program. My reference was WYZE is using the production enviornment as testing.

I only addressed one thing (of your several original comments - being in the beta firmware program. The only way you got into the beta firmware program is by YOU requesting it. You can select which of your products that you want to be in the beta program for. To remove yourself from beta firmware, in the Wyze app, select “About”, then “Beta Program”. On that page, you can turn on or off beta firmware testing for each type of device, or at the bottom of the page, select “Leave” to completely remove yourself from the beta firmware program.

So what I am saying is if you don’t want to be in the beta firmware program, remove yourself from it.

You don’t know what your talking about. You made a mistake in judging me and now your trying to clean up your bs comments. Your not helping the situation. Your throwing gasoline on a fire by commenting stuff you don’t know what your talking about!