Ongoing camera issues

I’m posting this hoping someone from Wyze tech support reads these things as I’m sure I’m not the only long term customer that is looking at other alternatives. I’ve been a customer of their products from the early beta testing days when Wyze was just getting started, and am all too aware of the glitch issues we’ve had right from the early beginning (usually fixed in a pretty timely fashion).

2 ongoing issues are making the cameras unreliable and I really hope the company gets this stuff fixed.

The first is that the cameras go offline intermittently. I’m using all version 3 cameras these days, but the same issue happened with the version 2 cams. It takes a power cycle to bring them back online, which is something you can’t do when you aren’t at home and leave the house for months at a time. The issue is not related to wifi signal. I do believe it’s happening at their server end, but no proof of that other than the issues they admit to at times, where everyone’s cameras are getting knocked off. Incidentally, the same thing used to happen to the bulbs, and it was a real annoyance. Somehow the issue with the bulbs is mysteriously fixed, and mine have been bullet proof for about a year now.

The second issue is that the app has been broken for several months now. I pay for cam+ for all my cameras, and the filtering function hasn’t worked in the app all summer and fall. I finally got around to calling tech support today and it’s a known issue. I already knew that from this forum, but hoped they had something in the works. They said it will be fixed sometime with an update…no time frame given. I repeat, it’s been months since an update broke it.

These 2 issues make the cameras to unreliable to be used for remote monitoring. You better have backups. The only fix I’m thinking of on my end is to install (someone else’s) remote plugs and switches so I can power cycle the cameras remotely. I’m not willing to install an old version of the wyze app from apk mirror, though, so I hope they fix that sooner than later. Then there’s all the bad press these days from the security issues.

Eufy is looking pretty attractive, at the moment, albeit at a higher price point. Wyze needs to get this stuff fixed in a timely manner or they will end up losing many more customers than just me.

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Not likely. Mostly just other users and volunteer admins.

Update. They finally got the app fixed today. (I still have 3 cams out still, but that’s another day’s battle.)