Fix your app!

I don’t even know if this is the right spot to post this because this forum is so unorganized. Can’t actually find a support section.

Let me just start by saying for the love of god can we PLEASE get a dark mode for your app! I hate looking at my camera while in bed in the middle of the night. There’s nothing worse than opening the app and having my retinas burned out.

2nd what is with the zoom while in vertical mode? When I zoom in it goes into some crazy ass aspect ratio and looks all distorted Screenshot_20210909-211333_Wyze

3rd while in my camera list screen I have a camera that is always offline. When I click it then it shows up as live like it should. Only in my list of camera it shows it’s offline. I’ve reset the camera. Uninstalled the app and installed it again. Reset my router and modem. It’s been stuck showing offline for like a week.

Some information:
Samsung Galaxy S21
Android Wyze app updated 2.24.23
V3 cameras all updated to latest firmware

As for colors, that has been requested MANY times. In my opinion, the color scheme of the Wyze app is horrible with my 62 year old eyes.
The “stretch” bug showed up not all that long ago, was fixed, and just came back a couple days ago. Well documented here. Only affects V3 camera, when using the app on Androids in portrait mode.
The “offline” camera issue has been around for a long time and is very intermittent. I have one of my cameras that has shown offline for the past couple weeks, but worked fine when the camera was selected, and it streamed to BlueIris via RTSP just fine. This morning, it’s back to no longer showing “offline”. I did not do anything, and it did not get disturbed or power cycled.

Ugh that’s unfortunate to hear :pensive:

Time to really consider a major lawsuit with this company. Things don’t work, they don’t ever fix things, every update seems to just break something else instead. Getting help us a full-time unpaid job waiting on hold or trying to type in the chats. It’s very frustrating because we spend good money on the products.

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Wyze is too busy with the next product release to be bothered by our software/firmware requests and bug fixes :frowning:

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