Disastrous Experience with Wyze.com


During this Extraordinary times of the Pandemic, Extreme weather conditions & the unrest in our country you look to find kindness wherever you can!!

I did not find it but for one lone Wyze Wizard Support person who gave me the store credit to allow me to buy my Wyze camera.

It is outrageous to know out of all the telephone contact, emails, live support and 2 supervisors that one person took seriously the mission of providing actual customer support!!

This tragedy of an experience is so disheartening to know that because of this pandemic Wyze was fighting to stay alive in the corporate world and everybody else after that one lone Wyze Support Person continuously dropped the ball, took no responsibility, never went above & beyond to build up customer loyalty!!

I will never purchase from Wyze again and it saddens me because I was a big supporter of Wyze Products!!

The lack of cradle to grave responsibility, totally unreasonable policies and lackadaisical approach of the Wyze Wizards to solving my issue will be the downfall of a Great Product!!

I finally received my Wyze Cam V3 after ordering on December 20, 2021 to receiving it on January 12, 2022. After weeks of heartache dealing with the Wyze Support Wizards and battling COVID I received a whole $5 towards in store purchase. That laughable gesture was the last insult!!

Use this AHA moment for Extra training purposes and a point of contact in the shipping carriers because you represent your companies accomplishments & failures and by my account this was a big FAIL!!

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Yeah, there only 1 support person (Fred) and if Bob (the only developer) leaves the garage where the products are built, it all goes south. Maybe try Nest.

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If you have an Amazon account, buy it from them. If you have a Prime account, you can literally get a V3 the same day you order it within a certain time frame ( well, at least in Northern Utah ) And the best part?
If your camera is bad, defective, you decide that the pink color you decided to paint it clashes with your home decor etc… you can return it no questions asked. I love ALL my Wyze products. Cameras, Home Monitoring System, Wyze car, Cam Plus, Alexa integration…but their shipping and customer service is horrible!


When I was first designing the Wyze bluebird house I needed a v3 right then because I have issues. Drove to Home Depot and had the v3 in an hour.

Home Depot has a very lax return policy. No receipt no problem as long as they sell it.

Who could say no to a face like that.