Why doesn't Wyze do refunds for defective products?

I am in Canada. There is no product to be found anywhere here including Wyze Canada.

So I purchased two cameras V3 from Wyze USA. I paid Wyze shipping to the US border and picked them up there. One camera works great and one doesn’t . It wont set up it basicaly clicks when plugging and won’t go into setup mode. I have been through all the trouble shooting with Wyze.

Wyse agrees there is something wrong with the camera. But I have to now deal with Wyze Canada as I moved the camera to Canada. Wyze Canada will only give me a Wyze gift card. The problem right now is Canada Wyze has no inventory either. So now I will have a useless gift from Wyze.

I wanted Wyze send another camera. But they won’t? Why?
I am just a bit disappointed I should have bought from Amazon USA at least then I could get a refund.

I am in a similar situation. I bought Wyze thermostat and that failed after a short time and they would only give me a gift card.

They have no Wyze cam 3 or Wyze cam 3 pro and have not had any for months. They also seem to have no idea when they might have these products.

Their new Wyze cam 3 pro is out of stock everywhere, but the Wyze cam 3 is in stock in the US and on Amazon.

Looks like a scam to me. Here is a gift card, but we have no product and do not know when we may have product. So what good is the gift card?

I wonder if Wyze is failing? If so, all those cameras do not work without the cloud service, so there will be a lot of unhappy people.