Faulty Wyz cam v2 warranty issue

Hi Lone/Support. I tried to use my gift card code this am and it would not accept it ???
Also, you told me that the WYZE Cam v2 was out of stock. Yet I just ordered one from you online. So instead of replacing my faulty camera, you tell me its out of stock and give me a 10$ gift card that does not even work ?

Disappointing, for sure.

Your issue is one that can only be resolved by Wyze Customer Support. This forum is primarily a user-to-user community and not a substitute for Wyze Customer Support. Wyze employees do not monitor this forum. If you wish to speak to a Wyze employee/representative, please contact them directly at:

or by phone at: 206-339-9646 (US) or 581-500-1166 (Canada)

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Thank you Seapup. I wll try that route.


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