Have a useless gift card and Wyze won't give me a refund

A while back I bought two outdoor cam V2s after my V1 failed. That was probably my first mistake. But we like having the added security and seeing what animals pass through our front and backyards. Some time later one of the V2s stopped charging. I tried everything to get it to work with no luck.

Since I was within warranty I asked Wyze for a replacement camera. They issued a gift card and I thought that was fine at first and was going to go right onto the website and purchase a new one. Except they are out of stock and further reading shows that they will probably always be out of stock.

Well, not great, but maybe I could try one of the wired cameras and just change my set up a bit. Except that the outdoor adapter for the wired cameras is also out of stock. I contacted Wyze and was told I just have to wait for things to be back in stock. I have now waited for nearly two months.

I asked for a refund multiple times only to be told it’s against their policy. But essentially they took my money and I got nothing in return. They want me to spend even more money to buy the new battery cam, except the reviews of that one say it’s terrible.

I’m just supremely frustrated. It’s not a ton of money but I feel like a company should work with its customers in a reasonable way if it wants to stay in business. I’ll be canceling my subscription and telling everyone I know to stay away from Wyze as they are disingenuous and make faulty equipment.