Wyze refusing full re imbursement after commiting over the phone

I posted this on the wyze subreddit, they encouraged me to go to facebook but id rather not…

Hey, i called wyze about continued false alarms from the security system. I got to talking to them about the V1 security issue and they offered a gift card in the amount of $15 per V1 I have active. I made sure on the call to repeat what they were saying to ensure I understood and their confirmation was recorded on their side.

Now via email I have been kicked around to a few different reps. They refuse to acknowledge the previous offer and are only trying to give me 1 $30 gift card. I have 6 V1 cams active, so upgrading them to V3s will be costly.

Now they are not answering my emails. I submitted this the to the BBB, anything else i can do to get them to do the right thing here?

Hate that my first post on this sub has to be about such a negative product and customer service experience. Been such a huge advocate for years, would not recomend to a friend/family member after dealing with random false alarms for three weeks and shadiness on the V1 camera thing.

Any help from the wyze forum would be greatly appreciated. I can provide detail on the reps that i talked to if that would help.

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Yeah, support has certainly gone downhill. More correctly stated, not really downhill but it is It is more like falling off a cliff. Only one of the three or four support techs that I have spoken to recently has any knowledge about their product at all. Hard to understand. If face to face I doubt there would be a problem understanding. And that’s no fault of theirs. It’s the fault of wise for not vetting their people properly.

I remember the early days when support would answer in no more than about 5 minutes. I had my fix and was on the way to happy Wyse-ing. It was the best support I had encountered in a long time.

Now they have virtually forgotten about them. About the importance of after sale. If you cannot. Get good after sales support what is a likelihood of you buying Wyze products in the future?


Hey, sorry about your troubles! Could you provide the ticket number of the original support ticket that contained the offer you got for $15 per cam? I believe it’s included in the email you recived after. Thanks!

I saw the Reddit Post. Though I did not comment. I have a personal preference for the environment in this forum or discord a bit more.

Do you have all the support ticket numbers for this? Especially for the first interaction with the original offer you are referencing?

Please post these support ticket numbers and preferably label which is which.

Are you confident that the first rep knew you had 6 cams and agreed to give you $90 for them, or did they simply say $15 each, but not know you had 6 total? I don’t know if there is any limitation or not, I never tried to exchange any V1’s myself (and don’t plan to), I am just trying to understand the situation. Did you agree to that offer at the time, or tell the rep you were going to think about it and call back? Did he give any kind of reference number that can be tracked, reviewed or looked into?

Did the email representatives give you a rationale for why they changed your previous understanding and said you would now be limited to $30? Were they saying there is a limit of $15 for up to 2 of them, or that it is a $5 limit, and so for 6 of them you get $30, or some other reason?

I don’t work for, represent, nor speak for Wyze in any capacity, and I can’t give you any guarantees, but if you submit your ticket numbers I will do what I can to get them passed on for someone to review or look into.

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Hey there ol’ discord buddy, you beat me to it! You’re getting pretty active in the forums now too, and doing a great job helping people having issues and relaying them back to Jimmy on Discord. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work helping people out.

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Was about to say that lol, starting to like it here :smiley:

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Hey all thanks for the replies. Ill collect the info and send today.

They never said it in the email, they only said it on the first phone call. Not sure if that makes a diff but i can label the ticket i got as a follow up to that specifally. I assume that wyze can go back and review the call recording. I specifically stopped and counted out the cameras on the call so they are aware and have recorded that its 6 cameras.

Thanks again

OK here is some more detail

I originally talked to a rep named Jhazel on May 12, this is the conversation where they mentioned I could get a $15 credit for each V1 camera I had active. The email I got after the call had this ticket number ( #2049479) Like I mentioned in the first post, the original reason I called was because of random false alarms over the course of three weeks. Wyze first response to that was “we cant replicate this so we are closing the ticket” and Jhazels response was to send me a new base station which sucks cause now I have to remap all the sensors I have on every window and door in my house.

I have since been transferred to another rep Nasser and then another rep named Sarah. Both refuse to acknowledge the original call with Jhazel. Sarah issues the $30 card and is not responding to my latest emails asking for escalation at this point. I believe that all of these should still be under the same ticket number.

If Jhazel made some mistake by agreeing to the $15 per originally, I could understand that but the refusal to even acknowledge that call is pretty frustrating.


At this point, i wouldn’t even say their customer support fell off a cliff, id say its non-existent either they can find good people to hire, dont pay enough, or have “farmed” it out to the cheapest outfit they could find.

They are more interested in launching new products than supporting what they have. Just look around the forums, its littered with issues people have with their wyze systems, and in most cases its the users helping users that resolve issues, and NOT wyze… Heck, maybe they think “other users will step up and help, so we dont need to, lets scale back our customer support”… an example of that, is probaly this “self help” thing they are starting to implement within the wyze app…

I just know that im done with them, they can keep their flaky devices, and when mine start to die, i wont be replacing them with more wyze products. sadly that means i have to go research other companies (i know ill never buy anything thats connected to amazon… so no ring stuff)…

Good luck getting your $15.00 per camera…


Seriously considering pulling all the equipment down and just paying up for a propper system, especially after the false alarms. If my phone was dead or something i would have had police at my house multiple times. Noonlight also is non responsive on this.

Growth is always painful. I loved the connection between company and customer during their startup, but as mentioned above, their customer service is now non existent. A lawsuit, maybe class action, would light a fire under their ass willf orce them to do the right thing or compensate their customers for faulty products.

This is primarily a user to user community, and it’s mentioned by the mods mavens and other volenteers very often. Wyze does not check this forum, that’s what support is for.

I agree, while support has been very friendly, they are extremely uninformed about the actual products.

Of course this forum is going to be filled with complaints about products, people generally don’t come here to compliment their product. The amount of purchases vs the amount of complaints here is a huge difference.

With any company their community forums are Gunna be filled with complaints, because you only see the complaints here.


The people over at reddit have said you are helpful where support has failed in the past. Any suggestions?

I will relay the ticket number to a community manager, and see what they can do. Thanks

I am sorry you are having an issue with support, I have forwarded this information to the team to see if we can find out what happened