Poor Wyze customer service continues for me

At the beginning of the year, I tried ordering some products from Wyze, many of which were on sale. I order the products three times and Wyze’s system failed to process the order. I was in contact with a Wyze representative, and she admitted that it was Wyze’s problem. By the time the issue was fixed the sale was over and the rep said I had to pay the full price if I wanted to process the order.

Obviously not fair but the rep did not see it that way. So, I escalated but to no resolve. I even emailed Yun Zhang a few times and it appears my emails were ignored. This explains why Wyze’s customer service is so bad. If the CEO does not care about customer service one should not expect the rest of the company to care either.

If any knows the names of the board members (or better yet their email addresses) of Wyze, please let me know. The board members should know that even Yun cares little about customers and service.


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Sorry to hear about this experience! Did Support provide you with any ticket numbers during your interaction with them? If so, please post in here with it and I can send it up and see if a resolution to the original problem can be found. Thanks in advance!


Not sure of the ticket number, but I was dealing with Fatima (apparently she is a Wyze Wizard). She should be easy to find as there cannot be too many wizards at Wyze.

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Thanks for the reply. Just curious, what were you trying to purchase?

A few products, door lock + keypad + connect, a cam, etc.

Now my post was removed. Not unexpected but does not look good for Wyze to do so without dealing with me.

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There is a Community Guideline that mentions cross posting, which is posting the same content in multiple locations. The duplicate i believe was removed due to cross posting. This topic was kept to keep all things relevant to your issue in one spot, so we don’t have to refer the other thread for whatever similar conversation happened over there. Keeps things simpler and more focused.

Right,makes sense, thank you for explaining.

I have NEVER been happy or satisfied with the Customer Service. I’ve been trying for way to long to resolve my issues and just getting past the AI Bot gate keeper and all the other BS time wasting obstacles WYZE has in place to I only guess but make it hard as possible to get help or resolve ANYTHING with a person

Have you tried calling the Support number and foregoing the AI Ticketing process? I generally use this method to reach out to Wyze support.

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