Jack of all trades, Master

I want to start off by saying I’ve supported Wyze since the very first product. I’ve purchased virtually everything you guys have come out with and usually multiples of it. I’ve shared your products and your company with my friends and family.

But my concern is the amount of products you guys are releasing, when imo the current products you have aren’t perfected yet…is frustrating.
Its starting to feel like a money grab. Let’s find a product out there that we can slap our name on and make a few bucks off it.

I get so many false notifications on my cameras from headlights going across the yard, or a small bug flying quickly by; that I have to turn my sensitivity almost all the way down so as not to be falsely bothered all day.
My Wyze Lock needs to be calibrated about every 3 weeks or so for some unknown reason.
The Wyze Band I got for my wife was so buggy she eventually just stopped wearing it.

The products (especially your initial ones) are good, but man I feel like they could be exceptionally great.

I mean, do you really believe the public is needing a Wyze vacuum or a sprinkler controller from you guys or better camera features?

Anyways. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

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Ugh, another of these threads, smh. I’m pretty sure Wyze can walk and chew gum at the same time. They have plenty of staff to handle their products.

Umm, the vacuum sold 28k units during pre-sale, so yeah, apparently people wanted them.

These threads would not keep popping up if there wasn’t a problem.
The solution may not be correct.
I have at least one support request that’s never been responded to and a couple that may as well not have been. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not saying there’s no room for improvement, there certainly is (with most companies), but show me product line that is bug free.

Do you have a ticket number or is it resolved?

I would disagree with that. They are either incapable of or unwilling to adequately support their existing products.

For just one example I’m currently running F/W on my V2 camera that’s 4 generations old because of a known bug and hasn’t been fixed in any of the releases since.

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I’m very familiar with the post your ticket number and then they look into it routine. This is months old. It has long ago been resolved.