Wyze Management PLEASE Stay Focus

To Wyze Management

You are coming out with way too many products. I can’t figure out if you are a connected camera company, security company, home electronics, home automation, Best Buy, or Home Depot.

You are trying to be too many things to too many people. As a result things are getting delayed, product support lacking (I had issues with the Wyze Band when it first came out and got ZERO yes “0” response from your customer support.

You don’t see Ring trying to be all things to everyone.

Please stay focus on the products you have and provide adequate support. If you leaned anything from working at Amazon was the great customer support it offers.


Amazon bought Ring years ago…

Yes I am aware of it. The acquisition has allowed Ring to stay focus. Granted they also have deep pockets from Bezos and company. Which is why Wyze needs to remain focus and come out with the best products possible in what ever direction it sets out.

I went all in with Wyze, similar to some here and dropped my SmartThings and got the Sense package. Now the sensors are worthless and customer support is lacking as it’s out of warranty. However Wyze knew about the issues of low battery causing the sensors to die.

Replacement bands took forever to come out despite users in forums complaining about it.

I’ve seen in the forums the Outdoor cam having issues.

I agree, but part of the hardware support problem is that Wyze doesn’t really make much, if anything. Their products are mostly rebranded products. Yes, some may have some custom minor hardware changes, but the biggest customization is the device software, app, and backend servers end of things. Parts like replacement bands aren’t as easy when it’s not your original product to begin with since you’re kind of at the mercy of the factory in China that you bought from. Even the new handheld vacuum as an example was easy enough to find the clones in like 5 minutes of searching.

Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky with the products I’ve purchased from Wyze. Two pan cams, a V2, thermostat and robot vacuum. A few minor hiccups with the thermostat but other than that I’ve been very pleased

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You are right about their hardware being rebranded items. However just because you can rebrand an item doesn’t mean you should.

I know that the original smart cams were rebranded Xiaomi cameras.

Management needs to create the best user experience possible even with rebranded products.

Same here, and I use the beta app where more bugs are expected. Nothing that big for me to complain about.

I have to laugh when I see threads like this, Wyze is gonna do what they want. Who says they’re want to be like Ring? lol

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They’re not rebranding, they purchased the hardware from the same manufacturer as Xiaomi purchased.

Nearly every electronics product on the planet is reliant on Chinese part manufacturers.
Wyze warranty doesn’t say We only cover the items that are easy to replace. :blush:

I didn’t realize it was all xiaomi including the door bell and all?

I know for a fact that just to get fcc compliant is costly and with these connected devices just the R&d plus compliance with regulatory agencies all add up. So it makes no sense for Wyze to be like Apple or ring and build from scratch.

What I like about Wyze is the single app to rule them all which was what I was trying to do by leaving Smartthings. I’m hoping to get rid of ring but with Wyze not staying focus on the customer I’m not sure.

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I think it started with using the same hardware that Xiaomi was using but I don’t think that’s been the case for some time now. Again, the original v1 & v2 were not Xiaomi specific, many companies are using the same hardware. I’m not sure they’re building from scratch but I have read they make specific design changes.

Yes, I like the single app too. I have most of their products but not all. Some products I may not need like the robot vac or the new handheld vac, but I’m not going to knock them for it.

Oh yes, of course. What I meant though was that your own products that you designed, and had built are easier to maintain and provide parts and support for. When I was in engineering in barcode scanners, our products were all our own. We had the parts and engineers in house and provided customer support to the component level.

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That’s pretty cool designing stuff.

Study engineering in school but went to health care.

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True that!

Heck even Apple outsources the manufacturing/assembly to China and other components like modems, memory chips etc to third parties who in term outsources to China as well, I assume its done intentionally so as to follow the JIT principle of having suppliers closer to final assembly.

Thanks. I wasn’t one of the design engineers though, I just worked with the spec documentation and did some testing and troubleshooting when customers had problems.

That’s important as well to make sure the customers are well supported after the purchase. Which is why I think Wyze Management has failed and can’t seem to focus on what needs to be done and keeps bringing new products online (or “preorder”)

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I say as long as it isn’t Google or Apple I’m willing to put up with some hiccups!

I suggest you read this link from Wyze. Had you done so before posting this, it wouldn’t have been needed. You don’t even understand what they do. How can, you think you can comment on what, they should and shouldn’t be doing? Lol

"It’s our goal to become the most customer-centric smart home technology company. We’re passionate about providing customers access to high-quality products at great prices. "

In case you missed it, the keywords there are SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTS.

Not smart home cameras.

Do you understand what that means? They’re not camera focused. Or any single product or set of products-focused. They produce high quality, inexpensive smart home technology that’s available for all. That’s their mission. It’s been the same from the beginning. That’s why they started the company, AFAIK. Just because they STARTED with cameras doesn’t mean they ever had any intentions on producing ONLY cameras.

You might want to step back and reorganize your thoughts and try this again lol. If this comes off as mean or brash, I apologize.

I just don’t understand how a person could get to the point that, they think they need to make a post such as the OP’s.


That’s not even addressing the fact that there are likely different teams working on each product. Shutting down Teams E, F, & G isn’t going to allow Team A & B to do their jobs any better, faster, or more efficiently. Each team is independent of the others, I’m sure. So that’s pretty useless, IMO.

Let them do what they know how to do. They’re doing a fine job.

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Wow, such vitriol.

I think you are confusing the two, between a “mission statement” and actual operations (especially customer service).

Being a “SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTS” is a pretty vague statement. It could mean light bulbs, switches, etc.

  1. Supply chain issues, by introducing a new product every other week rather than focusing to make sure each and every product, once announced, is available immediately or soon rather than wait 4-5 months for first delivery. Their monitoring system isn’t shipping till Feb but was announced maybe before thanksgiving?, wyze watch now April from the last email. Door bell? still waiting.
  2. Customer support - poor to ok, depending on the time of day. They dropped the entire sense line in about a little over a year and are now reportedly introducing Sense version two (without need to be in the security monitoring program) but so far it has been just rumors in the forums. What do you tell all the customer that have invested in the sense line? FYI, the Sense line has a known issue when the battery is low it basically becomes useless and you can’t reset it.

Not a way to respond!
I’m one that was taking up for the Wyze company and didn’t have a bad thought until this email!
As uncle Joe says-“Come on Man!”