Give it a rest please

I’ve been a wyze customer almost since the beginning. I feel like they’ve kind of lost their way (obviously just my opinion) but they’re so concerned with trying to offer a ton of new products. How much more of a niche market can you get then a lawn watering controller. Idk just seems like they’ve gotten away from their initial mission. I just wish they’d focus more on the cameras, and things that go with that, and got away from vaccums, and other seemingly random things. Now if you actually have an interest in something you can’t even get it. I’m sure there will be tons of comments where people disagree with me, but this is what I think after being a customer for many years.


I transcribed a good reference with exact quotes from Wyze’s founders addressing this topic directly (in their latest AMA Webinar when these same concerns were brought up). They addressed:

  1. What Wyze’s Mission Statement is; What Market/Industry are they actually in (is it cameras? Home Security? IOT devices?)?
  2. Why do they launch so many products?
  3. Why do they believe launching lots more products not hurt support of current products?
  4. Where they are going, what is the future like?

Etc. Nobody can give a better response to these concerns and questions than the founders and owners themselves…so here’s what they had to say:


WHY DON’T THEY JUST PICK A PATH AND STICK WITH IT. If it’s camera’s and home security, wonderful. Stop offering all these random products. We’ll give it a rest when they do

They talked a little bit about this in an announcement and email recently. They absolutely can’t afford to stick with just cameras and home security or even the broader smart devices category or they’d risk major financial problems right now due to the global silicon shortage issues. They aren’t able to obtain a stable supply of microchips to stick with any of those options.

I think they’re wise to find other ways to stay profitable during this global microchip crisis. It would really suck to have to get rid of a bunch of employees just to wait out the crisis then have to rehire and retrain new ones once it’s resolved.

For me, it’s just a perspective difference.
I figure if Wyze offers products I don’t want I’ll just ignore those ones and cheer them on for finding something that keeps them making profits to keep providing support for the things I actually care about. Otherwise they’d have to let a ton of people go and it would take even way longer to get the updates and improvements I care about while they aren’t able to get a steady supply or income to support any of that if they stick to smart devices only. After all, nonsmart devices don’t need constant updates or support that way, so their profits can be used to subsidize support and improvements of all the smart devices. By that perspective, us smart devices lovers like you and me should be excited every time they sell one of those because it provides finding to the improvements of the things we care about.


I think their goal is to bring us as much affordable home tech as they can. How many of us are against that.


Yeah now their cameras are exoensive and junk !

The problem isn’t that they make a million products, the problem is that they continue to come up with new products while they can’t get their already existing products to work correctly. Maybe they should focus on making products that actually work rather than making as many products as they can with zero regard to whether those products actually do what they’re supposed to do.

I know…strange concept, right?


They already have your money for the non-working products and need you to buy new ones to stay “profitable.” :slightly_smiling_face:

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