I'm worried about Wyze

I’m kind of worried that Wyze is trying to launch ALL these new products. It’s great to expand your horizons, but it just seems like they’re over doing it. I used to absolutely LOVE this company. I couldn’t stop singing their praises. Then (in my opinion) they launched the wireless cam prematurely and I had lots of issues and had to return it. Then I noticed that the cam v3 first said ships in Nov. November ended and it said ships in Dec. I even called and was assured they’d ship out in December. Thank God I didn’t buy them then. Now it says Jan. It’s just irritating when things keep changing and they’re looking to us to support product launches. It makes it kind of hard when the launch continues to get postponed. I feel like they’ve kind of lost some of what made them so special. Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way.


Mine got delivered today, the shipping date you see is only if you order now.

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I was having those same concerns as well. Like they’re stretching themselves too thin.

What I think though is they’re trying to be game changers in many areas. So many companies are ready to launch products but wait to time the market. Wyze doesn’t really need to do that if they’re doing it correctly. They’ve reached critical mass of users to be able to crowd-fund their own products without the overhead of external platforms like Kickstarter. That allows them to gauge demand and ramp up engineering/mfg to meet needs.

It’s an alarming speed, but if they’ve hired properly in the key areas, they can do it and be game changers.

Long story short, I’m pretty confident they can pull it off. Hey Wyze, need another UX Engineer? :sweat_smile:

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That doesn’t make sense. Atleast the way I interpreted it was that it was an early purchase opportunity that wouldn’t ship until Jan. That’s the way it was explained to me when I inquired about it.

Received my seven V3 ordered on Oct 27th about 2 weeks ago. Have two more orders of seven V3 each expected to be delivered by End of year. Also received the bluetooth headphone. Ordered all their preorders, except the vacuum. I hope Wyze will manage all these new products well though I think customer service will get worse. Glad sensor video of motion sensors works for V3 now even though I didn’t open ticket. Also I have to factory reset my Netgear R7900 router before I can set up the new V3 since my router 2.4Ghz channel is FULL, lol!

My understanding is the ship date changes to go with what is ordered today.
If you ordered last month they were shipped in December. If you order today they are shipped in January.


Yea I see there’re pressures from investors and there are logistics issues due to COVID.

None of my Thermostat, V3, and Doorbell orders are fulfilled, the customer satisfaction is dropping

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The thermostat and doorbell have not reached the expected shipping date yet.


What did you order the V3? No thermostats or doorbells shipped yet as @WyzeJasonJ said.

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The shipping dates are shown when you preorder. There should be no surprises.

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Here’s my experience with ordering a V3:

I ordered mine on the 27th or 28th of October with an expectation of it shipping in November. Then finally on 11/27 at 6:10pm CST I received an email update stating my order was delayed and wouldn’t ship until December. I was bummed out, but it is what it is. Then 4hours and 48minutes later that same day I received a message stating my V3 shipped.

It arrived Tuesday 12/1 and I set it up right away. I freaking love it and will be ordering more later.

I pulled the trigger on the watch this week and am looking forward to receiving that as well. I don’t know much about it, but figured it would be worth checking out.

I ordered my as soon as they announced and I have had mine for weeks. Your lost for not ordering.

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Came to the forums because I was concerned of the exact same thing and was curious if anyone else thought so. Vacuum cleaner? Watches? Headphones? Weight scales? What the heck…seems like a lot of random products all the sudden and makes me nervous about support with the rapid growth. That said, it’s the only company I trust with smart home things at the moment and isn’t big tech. Hope it all goes well and they can maintain the friendly prices and quality products.

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We’ll said I agree. I still went ahead and ordered the watch, and the camv3. Lol

Received my seven V3 ordered on Oct 27th about 2 weeks ago. Have two more orders of seven V3 each expected to be delivered by End of year.

I ordered on 10/30 and 11/2 and I have yet to receive or hear anything about my orders. So in the space of more than 2 weeks, they’ve gotten through < 3 days of orders if they’re truly shipping them first-in-first-out.

I ordered 2 v3 on Nov 15th, received nothing yet. Did you get an
email letting you know, your order was shipped?

I ordered on 10/27 and received on 12/4.

That looks like 5 weeks waiting!

Ordered 11-13 and mine is still showing as pre order. When I pre order anything I just forget about it. If they rush them out faster than they already are I’m certain there would be more issues. My concerns are quality and good performance. I’m sure I’ll get my two V3 when they are ready