Has anyone got their Cam V3 shipped recently? Pathetic Wyze Customer Service!

I received an email communication from Wyze on 03/16 that CAM V3 is now in stock and available for all. I placed an order right away. After waiting for a month, I just got that order canceled because it kept showing me the status as Pick/Pack for a very long time.

I called Wyze support to get the order canceled, but they told me we cannot cancel it because it is in the status of being processed with the shipper. I told them that it doesn’t take that long to get the order processed with the shipper, so what’s going on? They told me they don’t have any Cam V3s in stock, which was clearly the opposite of what they communicated to everyone. So I asked them if they don’t have any in stock, then how come the order is in process with the shipper? They kept repeating the same scripted BS. I guess their customer support lacks the basic AI while Wyze is too focused on adding more to their line of cameras.

I then had to open a dispute with PayPal to get my money back.

It seems like Wyze is SO FOCUSED on broadening their portfolio of items that they’ve lost focus and control of their supply chain. On top of that, they don’t tell you the truth, because they want your money to further expand. For pre-order they clearly mention that the item is pre-order, so the consumer knows it would take couple of months. However, not telling customers about the unavailability of an item when it’s on back-order, keep taking new orders, and not fulfilling them for months is just not fair.

Even now Cam V3 is available to order on Wyze’s website, I bet it would take months before you would get it in your hands,

I ordered 2 on 4/2. Got a shipment notification on 4/8. Received them on 4/16.

I ordered late night on the 13th, got a shipment notification they went out on the 15th… they arrived on the 17th. Due to the quick time of actual shipment I assume I’m pretty close to their shipping location.

Everything I have ever ordered from them has arrived in a week or so

Doesn’t make sense at all. I spoke to David on 04/13, who I was told is a supervisor in Customer Services. He confirmed that the reason I’ve not received my order yet is because CAM V3s are on back-order and my order is in process with FedEx… :lying_face:


Update: I placed a new order last night and it has already been shipped… I guess, my previous order would remain a mystery… why it showed the status of pick/pack for a month and why customer support told me that CAM V3 is back-order and is not in stock…

I guess that’s what happens when you outsource Customer Services to a 3rd party company like Stella Connect. Such disconnect between the Vendor and the Customer Service Agents is unheard of…