Cam V3 Pro - Shipping Delays?

I ordered a V3 pro a few days before Halloween thinking that I’d have it and would be able to experiment with it during my Thanksgiving vacation.

Still hasn’t shipped.

Has Wyze said anything about when these orders would be fulfilled? Have they found issues that they are holding shipments to fix?

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Me too. And what’s worse about it, they ship via FedEx Smartpost, so it take a month to arrive. Has not even left the yard yet. Really annoying way of doing business.

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I was a lucky one. Got my V3 Pro in. It arrived via Amazon.

Wyze uses Amazon to deliver products as well.


From what I can determine they are have problems with the 2k freezing….Unfortunately I and many others are have freezing issues
Stay tuned!..

I really wish Wyze would just be open about these things and tell us the straight scoop. Whatever issue they have at any given moment, they make them worse with absolutely horrible communication with the customers.

Come on Wyze, in a situation like this we’re already irritated because the product hasn’t shipped. If you tell us that it hasn’t shipped because you’re trying to resolve an issue first, personally I’d actually be somewhat less irritated.

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That’s not a surprise. If we had a time machine, or we were trying to prove a point AND maintained a diary, we would easily spot that most Wyze products have problems when first rolled out. Seems they use us to beta test and debug the firmware. My harsh two-cents about this process does not mean I dislike the products. I just take them with “a grain or two or three of salt”.


I’m still on-board with Wyze. They almost lost me as a customer when they broke the firmware on their Video Doorbell and it took them 6 months to fix it. They were far too slow to admit they had broken the firmware - they had me chasing WiFi connectivity and doing reboots and remove/reinstall of the device in their app. They had to have known that the problem was with their firmware at that point (it was completely obvious to me when I did the update and it basically stopped working). Their tech support was essentially giving me “busy work” to stall me off. That did piss me off significantly. But, they finally sorted out their issue and I’m once again happy with the product. That’s really the only issue I’ve had with them so far.

Why they weren’t up front with customers that the firmware update broke the product is beyond me. It was obvious to any customer with even a small amount of technical skill. And why they didn’t just roll back to the prior version firmware that actually worked is equally a mystery. I can only surmise that there was a significant security vulnerability that they were trying to fix as that’s the only scenario I can come up with where you’d basically turn a product into a doorstop and refuse to rollback to a working firmware release.


Shop says Shipping Late November.

We should get a camera free

I wonder why

Probably ran out.

I got a email yesterday, asking me to rate my transaction on 10-26. I was like u really don’t want my rating since I haven’t gotten my V3 Pro yet.

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The issue I have with this absolutely horrible customer service is that they are also holding other items that are in the orders AND AVAILABLE because they aren’t able to ship the V3Pro.

So I have ordered items based on their original commitment to ship at the start of the month and now have NONE OF THE ITEMS I PAID FOR … PLUS Z E R O COMMUNICATION!

I’m a fan and promote their products but I am finding it very hard to continue if they can’t figure out basic service and proactive communication!



Agree that Wyze shipping seems to be at the “speed of dark” also disappointed with their customer service – 30 minutes on chat to track the status of my order.
#disappointed in Wyze

And you can only cancel orders less than 2-hours old – have to wait to “receive and return”

Fortunately it’s only 50.00…however if you use a credit card you can dispute and get a refund.

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I ordered a min+Bulb bundle on the Black Friday event through the app. 10 days later and no update at all. CS Rep through the chat function says they take 10-15 business days. Is this the norm? Is this stated somewhere and I missed it during checkout.