Waiting on my v3 pro since oct 28

Wow I order my camera v3 pro on the oct 28 haven’t received it yet they said is preorder no updates

Threads here on that. The demand exceeded their stores. I am waiting too. :frowning:

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I’m not high-jacking your thread. But regarding shipping, I need to complement Wyze. So here.

For years, I have been a critic of their shipping methods. Most of you get your products lickety-split. Some of us, in the U.S.ofA. don’t/didn’t Wyze passed the order to FedEx drop shipment centers and it came partly FedEx and partly US Mail parcelpost (or slower). For years, when I ordered from Wyze, it always took a month once shipped. And I have been vocal. And swore to never buy again from the company site. Then would. And complain all over again.

And I wanted to try the new V3 Pro enough to do it again. Then, yes, I was caught in that void where they ran out of supply. So, I just knew that not only would I be waiting a month, they had not even put it on the conveyor belt to ship.

AND THEN. I got an mail it shipped. Okay, now the month starts. BUT, it showed shipped by UPS and would arrive in a few days. AND IT DID. WOW. May be early to say this, but if this is an indication, Wyze has stepped up their game for shipping to those areas that they previously regarded as back-water or boonies or just didn’t care enough to do better. MAYBE, they have heard our complaints and fixed this. If so, THANK YOU, Wyze, but you earned those earlier complaints, not going to apologize for my old complaints.


And you shouldn’t. FedEx Smartpost was very horrible. But the last shipment I got was a partnership with Amazon, and it came very quick. Of course that only applies to the larger cities that have an Amazon distribution center, but it helps! :slight_smile:

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