Shipping from wyze is disappointing

i gotta say, i love my wyze stuff but terribly disappointed at their shipping. i ordered the back wyze cam v2 from their store on black friday and it shipped on december 2nd and i STILL haven’t received them. and its december 16 already. i will NEVER order anything from their online store and just order from amazon. unfortunately there is no black version on amazon. i guess i should have thought this through and just order white and a black skin if i really wanted black.

wyze why do you ship fedex ground. i hate fedex. usps priority mail would have gotten to me in 2-3 days!!! UGH!


This sounds like a shipping issue… Could you please contact our customer support team so we can look into it? We’re sorry for the trouble!

Wyze Customer Support


You could order a boatload from Home Depot also.


i did contact support just now via chat. guy was helpful but of course what can he do. nothing so i wasted my time. fedex says its supposed to be delivered today the 17th but last entry in their tracking is december 4th and its still in california. please DON’T use fedex, i HATE fedex more so this 3rd rate class service called smartpost. i paid $5 shipping and its NOT WORTH it waiting over 2 weeks for something that USPS can deliver via priority mail in 2-3 days tops.

also i rushed and ordered the black v2’s on black friday because i thought last year it was all sold out and was only available on your webstore. if i had known home depot was going to have it i would never have ordered it online. on top of that you still have stock of this camera!!! no sense i rushed the order on black friday. thats why i hate all the secrecy surrounding black friday deals.

anyway if this doesn’t get delivered to me today as fedex claims it will, then i’ll be that much more madder if thats even a word.

That sounds like a one off shipping issue. I have 2 Wyze cams ordered at different times and they arrived as scheduled no issues.

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i hope it is just a one off issue

FedEx is having a really bad holiday season and everything is late!

I ordered several items on Black Friday, and it was delivered in about a week (to TN). I have since ordered a sensor kit for my mom that came USPS in about the same amount of time. I know you are frustrated, and I can somewhat relate, because my UPS man is HORRIBLE! I have had to file claims with Amazon before because he doesn’t leave my things where he indicates. I think they all have their faults.

Having a huge company like Amazon on your side can make a big difference. When I call UPS, I’m just one of thousands of customers with a gripe. They sorta blow me off. But when I call Amazon, they will put me on a conference call with UPS, and you better believe the conversation goes very differently.

hmm i’ve had good luck with UPS and USPS but not so much with FEDEX. i guess its all different depending on where you are from/located.

I feel for you, when I order some and it doesnt arrive as promised it is frustrating…hopefully you get it soon :grinning:

it got worst. yesterday fedex says it was supposed to be delivered yesterday dec 17. today it says delivery pending. and last update is still dec 4th. great.

GREAT, fedex lost my package. unbelievable. i hate fedex.

Oh dam that sucks man…

Have you reported this to Wyze yet?

I saw Wyze cameras at Home Depot this week. They even had the black model. A little more expensive than the store but no shipping!

I also ordered the Black Wize Cam on Black Friday and received it on schedule. In fact in both Florida and Ohio I’ve had good luck with both FedX and UPS. If you live in the parts of the country that has been plagued with bad weather than that could be part of the problem. I can feel your fustration but I don’t think the fault is due to Wyze shipping. Hope you get it soon and hope you enjoy it. I put mine on top of one of my speakers and it looks more like a separate tweeter than a cam. The magnet doesn’t seem strong enough to affect the sound.

If it is any comfort, I had a problem with shipping regarding my Black Wyze cam but it wasn’t Wyze’s fault. I ordered mine via USPS and I tracked it up to the point where the USPS said it would be delivered on a specific day. I even got a message that it had arrived but nothing was in my mail. Turns out the postal guy apparently failed to put it in the mailbox and marked it as delivered. I got it the next day presumably after he realized his mistake.
Christmas time is always a tough time to receive packages when they claim they will be delivered. It is best when ordering at holiday to select one that has tracking for sure so you can follow it along the path. All the services are overwhelmed (realizing this is no excuse for their service).

Yea thats true its not wyze’s fault. Just frustrated that it was taking well over 2 weeks. I think its the type of fedex service they choose which is naturally the cheapest method.

I think FedEx is going to permanently lose business based on how poorly their service has been for the holiday. I had an expedited FedEx package from Dell going to one of our business locations show up 12 days late. It went out for delivery seven different times and had three made up local weather delay scans. I’m actually shocked it was delivered. FedEx had zero concerns and zero recourse for the shipment I referenced.

Back on track- I think I saw people mention Home Depot, I also know Micro Center carriers almost all their SKUs too, they had a huge display of the black camera when I was in there a few weeks ago. Of course, it all depends on if you are near a Micro Center. I generally buy in store, but it is usually more expensive than ordering straight from Wyze.

Sorry about your package, I can’t believe how bad it is this year considering they dropped the Amazon contract so you would have thought they had extra capacity to handle the rest of their business.