Poor delivery of cameras

11/30, (Because of an apparent product limit) I had to place two orders for 3 cameras, The second order was placed immediately after the first order. I received 1 camera yesterday, that was shipped by FedEx. The larger, more expensive order for two cameras, is being shipped by US mail, and will not be here until 12-07, because the postal service is always delivering a day later then what they claim. Why didn’t wyze use FedEx for both orders. What a waste of wyze profits - two shipments, two different shipping companies. Making a customer needlessly wait for a product is a real insult.

Our last 3 orders were FedEx and had no issues, last month we ordered 1 PTZ V2 and it was shipped usps and was on time as well,so no issues here

I just got a Wyze Outdoor kit, and it came fast, well packed, and with zero issues…

Great the only issue with there shipping, is there’s no paperwork in the box,at least it should have a packing list,in my 30+ years in retail business this company WYZE does not provide any paperwork, now our inventory personnel must find the order and print it out and use that for inventory