Customer support fail ***Updated****

So, I ordered my first cams (black) bright and early on Black Friday and received notice they shipped that day. I hear nothing until tracking shows they are at my local post office on the 28th but do not show “received” by them. Nothing delivered yesterday or today so I called the local post office and they state the package was never received or scanned in the system and that UPS ships in bulk containers and often misses packages, so please contact UPS. I contact UPS and they respond by telling me to contact the post office!!:hot_face:
I called Wyze customer service as soon as they open this morning to explain the situation and the guy wasn’t that concerned and told me to just wait it out. Really?? I asked for a ticket number for this concern and he wouldn’t give one but said he would send as soon as we hung up. That’s right, you guessed it, No email, no ticket number. I really hate getting the run around and worse getting screwed on my first purchase of the cameras that I was looking forward to. I was sold on this company from what I have read but I guess you can’t believe everything you read. Moving on.


What does the online tracking for your tracking number say? Can you post a screenshot of that?

Note: Package Acceptance Pending. The post office employee I spoke with said that it was not there.

Yeah, this is a function of UPS Mail Innovations, which in my experience is just S L O W. Seems that their deliveries take much longer than if the USPS handled it from the beginning. I kind of cringe every time I see something shipped to me by that method.

In my experience, it is not unusual for tracking to kind of stop at the point that USPS takes over and then the package shows up, and tracking catches up later. So I think you will probably get it pretty soon.

I don’t think Wyze uses UPS M/I all the time, but I wish they never would. In any case, I’ve asked a Wyze employee to chime in on your complaint.

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Thanks Rick!

If it makes you feel any better, I’m in Michigan too and I haven’t received mine yet either. Looking at the tracking, it looks like mine was delivered to my local post office, then got sent back to the regional facility for delivery to the destination. Who knows…

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My experience also, Sometimes the item will be delivered but it will never show up in the tracking information that it was delivered .
Ground shipments From the West coast to here in Michigan Usually Take about a week ,During the holiday season it can be longer


My black cameras arrived today (Saturday) and set up with no trouble at all. I guess Amazon Prime has ruined me in terms of normal shipping times for any other company and for that I was wrong for tying up customer service with a non-issue after all. I have a pan cam coming tomorrow from Amazon but I will order again direct from Wyze with no regrets,



Thanks for that. I think UPS Mail Innovations is just bottom of the barrel in terms of ground shippers. It is what it is.

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RickO has it right, spot on. But it’s worse; Wyze (at least when I ordered my cameras some time back) did not even do their own fulfillment, they relied on UPS Mail Innovations for warehousing AND fulfillment, and at the time I had a similar issue, they did not have any means or methods of bypassing this; every order had to be fulfilled ONLY by UPSMI and shipped ONLY by same. Neglect for a moment that the camera could have been shipped (at posted rates) by first class mail for less than UPSMI. For those not familiar with UPSMI, or the very similar Fedex SmartPost, these are hybrid delivery services where the main carrier–UPS or Fedex–ships the goods from origin to the local post office. Then the local PO takes over for what is called “last mile” delivery. The problem with this is, the Post Office can not accurately track this, and neither can UPS. The postal carriers have to treat their own mail–Priority and First Class–first and best. When I called UPS and went to the PO, nobody could help me. Wyze shipped out another camera as a replacement, and that came in 10 days. The first camera eventually showed up 2 months later. It’s a very poor choice for shipping really lightweight objects. Yes, I kept the 2nd camera.

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I ordered the black cam for bf and still have not received it lol.

Wouldn’t shock me if it took 7-9 days. Mail innovations can be really, really slow.

We’re sorry, everyone. We understand how frustrating it is to not receive your packages when you’re expecting them.

@pbarager, thank you for letting us know about your experience with our support. I’ll use this as a training opportunity to improve how we respond to customers. We’re happy to hear that your package arrived, though! :slight_smile:

I’ll give this feedback about UPS-MI to the team. Though, as oaktree noted, the holiday season is definitely making it worse and we’re sorry.

@Arielvittini, if you still haven’t seen an update on your tracking number by Thursday, please let us know so that we can look into it.

@mdsalemi, we have a warehouse that is separate for UPS-MI. But you’re right about us not having another option in the beginning. I’ll give your feedback to the team. We’re looking into ways to improve our shipping experience but can’t make promises about changes at this point. Sorry to hear about your massively delayed package! We hope you’re enjoying the two Wyze Cams. :slight_smile:

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Well, Gwendolyn, my upset at the time was that I paid $5.99 for shipping, and that when I finally got the package and weighed it, the trackable and faster USPS First Class Shipping at retail was about half of that. So, I paid twice as much, for half the shipping, so I was NOT happy. I ship stuff all over the world all the time, so I do know shipping. $5.99 for UPSMI is just wrong.

None of your customers, nobody, likes the substandard UPSMI. That should be something you folks talk about.

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We have been looking into options we can offer to people. Since that time, we’ve added USPS First Class for orders under 1 pound. The reason that the cost for the shipping looks so high is because we bundle the shipping, handling, and processing fee into the shipping cost. It’s the money that we give to the warehouse to ship out the order.

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Companies need to be very careful when they start bundling things and adding fees. Shipping is one thing, even though many firms don’t add shipping fees these days–including Amazon for Prime members. While I do not suggest that you should automatically ship everything for free, I will suggest that fees such as “handling and processing” not to mention the box, etc. amount to what is called “nickel and dimeing” your customer. These are real fees but like YOUR salary, should be added into the cost of the product. When you start “deconstructing” the full cost of the product, and then shift some of those costs back to the customer (all in the name of a lower advertised cost), no good will is created. You are not really offering a $19,95 camera with a $5.95 shipping and handling fee, you are offering a $22.95 camera with $2.95 shipping fee. But you folks can do what you choose. Understand there are competitors, more and more all the time. You keep customers by keeping them happy. Yes, I understand I may be making a huge deal about this, but I’ve had so many bad experiences with UPSMI, and FedEx Smartpost, that if I know a company is using them I simply go elsewhere. Period. Yes, they are that bad. When I realized I could have shipped that camera with trackable first class for (less than 8 oz shipping weight) for just over $3, I was quite annoyed. Despite what you may think, the UPSMI is NOT trackable. N O T. Do not believe what UPS says, and do not believe the post office. While I’m sure most packages get through, a number of them end up in a purgatory.

If you want free shipping the cams will go up to ~$26 and ~$36. The cost has to come from somewhere.

I did NOT indicate I wanted free shipping. Not at all. What I objected, and object to, is the charge of $5.95 for shipping via a poor, substandard, service. The service was not trackable, and the post office was of no assistance. UPS said they delivered it to the Post office, it was a round robin of finger pointing. Had that camera been shipped first class mail–which cost at retail (not bulk) half of what I paid the camera would have arrived in 3 days. It took two months. The $19.95 cameras are already $25.98, shipping included, on Amazon. Now we come to find out that the $5.95 isn’t really for shipping, it’s like $1.95 for shipping, $1.00 for the package, $1.00 for a handling fee, and perhaps $2.95 for various warehouse fees. Nonsense. Charge $22.95 for the camera, and ship it via a reliable, trackable service and charge honestly for the shipping at cost…


I ordered my first pair of cameras and almost lost it over the delivery delay. I felt that Wyze was bumping their margin by charging for standard shipping but utilizing substandard service. Anyway, I finally got the products and quickly came to appreciated the price/value proposition. I am also currently waiting (more patiently) for my purchase of black units ordered 11/27.