Need to change the delivery way

While through UPS/USPS system takes more than one week with $6, USPS 2 day flat box for $7.20. At least I wish WyzeCam gives us an option of delivery either $6 for more than one week or $7.20 with 2 days.

My case,

Shipment notice on 4/5 (Kent, WA)

Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility 4/5 7:50PM (Fife, WA)

Package transferred to destination UPS Mail Innovations facility 4/6 3:00 AM (Fife, WA)

Package received for sort by destination UPS Mail Innovations facility 4/9 6:55 AM (Carrollton, TX)

Package departed UPS Mail Innovations facility enroute to USPS for induction 4/9 11:47 (AM Carrollton, TX)

Electronic Shipment Information Received for Package by Post Office 4/9 12:06 PM (Houston, TX)

Shipment Acceptance at Post Office 4/11 6:00 AM (Houston, TX)

Current 4/12 1:23 AM local (Houston, TX), I have no idea where mine is, USPS said “USPS Currently Awaiting Package”

Original estimated delivery time provided by UPS is 4/11

Will I receive mine today (4/12)?


I wish WyzeCam has a deal with USPS for flat Box ($7.20 or less for 2 days).

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I agree that they should offer more shipping options to give people an option for faster shipping at higher cost.

UPS Mail Innovations® Expedited is an oxymoron.


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Wyze does not necessarily have to offer more shipping options, they just need to be smarter with the default option. UPS Mail Innovations (a joke) is more expensive than USPS Priority Mail for a given size/weight and way slower. My v2 was in UPSs hands (fumble fingers) on Tuesday. It is still languishing in Fife (Thursday). I am in Southeastern WA and would have had my v2 yesterday (Wednesday) if Wyze had used any USPS service. These are itty-bitty light-weight boxes that Wyze (we) is (are) paying too much to ship too slowly.

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UPS mail innovations, that way UPS can get the package within a mile of my home, then have the post office lose the package on the last leg.

This time, the post office says they delivered the package yesterday, apparently not to my house though.

I would never chose to use the USPS if given a choice.


Package finally arrived three days after the tracking said it had been delivered, great tracking UPS Innovations.


Now I can track mine,

Per UPS, mine should arrive at Houston 4/9 or 4/10 because mine departed Carollton on 4/9 at 12:00 PM

Mine has sit for a whole week some around between Carollton, TX(Dallas) and North Houston, TX (about 4 to 5 hours distance by car)

Now, USPS saying mine will be delivered by coming Monday 8:00 PM.

This kind of delivery is sucks. I received the packages week ago if mine was shipped through different way and just $1.00 more.

I ordered 3 cameras over a month ago, my brother ordered 1 a week ago and got his today and I still haven’t received mine. Kind of disappointing really.

I suspect Wyze uses delivery fees to pad their margin. They’d do this by charging customers for expedited shipping, then paying the carriers less than even a first class rate, and pocketing the difference. Why is it so hard to set the price for the product and then charge customers actual shipping rates for the level of service they want; be it next day, two day, first class etc…

If they can’t be honest about shipping cost what else are they not being honest about?

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Calling UPS Mail Innovations (also Fed Ex Mail Innovations) “expedited shipping” is a joke. If you look at the UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS sites for a description you will see that “intake” at each step takes a minimum of 48-hours to 72-hours, so just the “intake” processes take 4 to 6 days. Add a day for the first “intake” to happen and then another day for “out for delivery” to take place and you have a minimum of 6 to 8 days for expedited delivery.

Wyze’s big mistake is using any of the UPS or Fed Ex “mail innovations” services. It is not the USPS that is messing up the “last mile” it is the process of how it gets to the USPS.

Padding their “profits” or whatever, Wayze is paying way too much for poor shipping service. You would think that a group of folks who used to work for Amazon would understand all the shipping processes.

BTW, Amazon gets priority treatment with the USPS. When the Amazon trucks pull up to a USPS office they get preferential treatment at the loading dock and never have to unhitch their trailers. The UPS and Fed Ex trucks have to wait, most just drop their trailers so the USPS takes even longer to get them to the dock.

The best thing for Wyze to do is to get their product back in the Amazon warehouses and let Amazon do the shipping.

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In the “vernacular” of USPS Employees both are referred to as “mail innovations”. And yes, I do have friends/relatives who are long-time, as in 30+ years, service with the USPS, also UPS and Fed Ex (not in just in my town but across the country).


Well I am past my scheduled delivery date and I have 0 updates as to where or why my cameras are not here. Ordered well over a month ago and now no idea when I will get them. Meanwhile, as I stated already above, my brother ordered his camera 1 week ago and got his camera on yesterday. Not to happy at this point.

Intentionally misleading customers about your shipping practices will cost you. We aren’t so naive to believe that savvy, experienced merchandisers like yourselves would be hoodwinked into being overcharged by the delivery services. We know the truth. You promote and charge for expedited shipping while utilizing and paying for absolute bottom of the barrel service at rock bottom cost to you. This completely denies you the benefit of the doubt with regard to any other discrepancies or failures concerning your products and services.

The actual tracking by UPS Mail Innovations and the Fed Ex version is essentially none existent, so in reality no one knows exactly where your package is. In process only way-bills are scanned, not the actual package. The actual package is actually only scanned when the USPS sorts it to the delivery person and then the delivery person scans it when it is delivered.

I received my v2 yesterday, took 10 days to get across Washington State. I get 1st Class Mail packages from the East Coast faster.

I re-state, Wyze is charging us way too much for shipping that does not meet expectations.

The competency of shipping services varies greatly from town to town. Don’t tell anybody, but we have a great USPS in the Tri-Cities WA. We used to be a Regional Distribution Hub, but the clowns in D.C. decided there were too many Regional Distribution Hubs so they cut most states down to 1 or 2 from 6 to 10. This added 2 to 3 days for even a letter to get from one Tri-City to the next. Our Postmaster got fed up and fought D.C. and now, even though not “designated”, the Tri-Cities acts like a Hub. BTW, this has decreased costs for the USPS. It used to be there would be 3, 6, 12 Amazon trucks that would have to take our packages to Spokane. The USPS would then have to load all those packages on USPS trucks and bring them back to the Tri-Cities. See the idiocy of the clueless suits in D.C.

Wyze, don’t be clueless suits.

I agree, why did I pay for expedited shipping if my brother received his order before me and ordered well after me?

Where are the mods on this subject? Have any of them discussed if we are getting what we paid for with regard to expedited shipping? Do we need to show them the difference in shipping rates between what we paid them and what the delivery services charge them for the level of service we actually receive?

I definitely understand the frustration around UPS MI when issues do pop up, and I’m sorry it has taken me this long to respond!

We are a pretty small startup company so we don’t have the same access to discounted, faster shipping services like Amazon would for example. This is why we ship through both our website, and send product to Amazon to sell on under Prime Shipping. If our shipping option doesn’t work, we want you to be able to put that Prime shipping subscription to use! We expect Amazon to be back in stock with the v2 here soon!

Due to not having access to the super awesome discounted shipping options (yet), $5.99 for one camera and $3.99 for each additional camera is just the cost it is for us to ship them, and the lowest cost for our users. That cost covers both shipping and handling/packaging, we do not make any profit or margin off of shipping costs I can assure you.

We are actively researching and working with our warehouse to find better shipping combinations that give our users the lowest cost and fastest shipping, and we greatly appreciate your feedback surrounding the shipping situations. With all of your support, we hope to grow large enough to be able to have better shipping options and faster speeds in the future.

We do realize that order receipts indicated ‘UPS Expedited Mail’ and how that could seem misleading. That is a UPS MI term that was brought over to our system and we are aware that is a problem so we are changing that so that it will not sound so misleading on future orders. We apologize for that, and are thankful that it was brought to our attention.

Please also reach out to if you don’t receive your camera or if there is something else going wrong with your shipment so we can work with you to get it figured out.

My lengthy experiences with FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost are that they are at least as bad as it sounds Mail Innovations is. I no longer patronize any online merchant who uses either Smartpost or Surepost. This includes (off the top of my head) Keurig, Lifeproof, and SimpliSafe.

Smartpost took 20 days to deliver something that USPS delivered in 6 days, both coming from the same part of the country, going to the same part of the country, ordered on the same day, and essentially the same products. 20 days vs. 6 days for the same shipping cost.

So Mail Innovations may be de facto different from FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost, but in practice they all stink on hot ice.

Can you share any methods you use to determine the shipper before you make an online purchase? Or is it the only method I know, once burned twice cautious.