Wyze Cam Shipping Service

While the camera may be great (I wouldn’t know for sure as I haven’t received mine yet… read on to find out more) The entire experience is completely tarnished by cheap company Wyze has decided to use to “fulfill” orders - UPS Mail Innovations.

UPS Mail Innovations is cheap, and definitely is a case of getting what you paid for. Here is a list of complaints from the BBB about Mail Innovations:


Wise up Wyze; you have created a potentially great product and are blowing the user experience by shipping with such a horrible service that has a track record of losing peoples orders and not delivering on-time. Id love to be able to talk about how great your cameras are, but unfortunately, my cameras that were supposed to have been delivered yesterday according to Mail Innovations tracking, have still not arrived, and no one seems to know where they are. I may even want more cameras from Wyze, but based on the experience with their chosen shipping provider, Ill most likely be looking for a different camera from a different brand :-\

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I completely agree with that statement. I placed an order 8 days ago, I was charged $28.90 for shipping alone. Tracking is non-existent with UPS, only saying an estimated Monday delivery (That is 10 days from order date). For $28.90, I feel completely ripped off on the shipping. Thats the price of an additional camera (with shipping and change to spare)!

I do not expect UPS overnight, but some 2-3 day priority mail would be a way better use of my money. I am now waiting to receive my product and already have a tarnished feeling about it due to the overly expensive, and overly slow shipping system Wyze has chosen to use.

I figured mine would have been here by today, and I was planning on order a couple of Pans for gifts if I liked the one I bought. Due to the poor shipping I would not receive them in time, and I know I would be overcharged for the service again.


I will say this though - even though the choice of shipping service is awful - the customer service to help me track down my package has been top notch. Still waiting for delivery, but I have a little more peace of mind while waiting.

I experienced the same problem with the USPS handoff. My anxiously awaited Wyze Cam Pans “disappeared” for two days at the handoff with no tracking info available and finally arrived three days after the original UPS tracking indicated. They arrived yesterday and I was happy to get them.

The USPS has a strict policy for the processing of packages that did not originate with the USPS. Amazon negotiated a sweetheart deal with the USPS so their packages are processed right after Priority Mail. The other services that use USPS for the “last mile”, UPS and FedEx, get last priority. For them their parcels have to wait to the very end, after all USPS and Amazon packages on site or scheduled to arrive that day are processed. That means if an Amazon or USPS delivery is scheduled (key word is scheduled) to be received by 11:59p.m. that day then no other packages are processed. At best that means a one day delay in the “hand-off” and more usually two to four days as the UPS and FedEx trailers sit in the USPS secure parking/delivery lot. If you live in a town that does not have a “regional” USPS office then you have to add another day or three before the packages are sent on to your local USPS.

This was information provided to me by a 30+ year letter carrier and confirmed, reluctantly, very reluctantly, by the local Postmaster.

BTW, UPS’s union workers are preparing for a strike around the end of June. They have already started a work slowdown (confirmed by our 25+ year UPS driver). Woe be anything in the UPS system once the strike starts.

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Personally I HATE USPS shipping - it sucks compared to UPS or Fedex.

Thanks for the heads up on the UPS work action.


@K6CCC, I will agree that UPS and FedEx are good to great on their own. Key phrase “on their own”. When they utilize the USPS for the “last mile” things tend to go South fast. It has to do with the competence of the suits who negotiated the contract with the USPS and the general stupid/ignorant attitude of the USPS “bosses” and conflicts of the Unions involved in each, each Union try to make the other look bad. The “regulators” in D.C. don’t help the situation either and the USPS has a leg up since they are a quasi governmental agent.

Just an update. My package that I paid $28.90 in shipping/handling fees is still on the pony express.

It was supposed to be here on June 9. Its now June 11th, and its still another day or two out according to tracking. My order was placed June 1, the the early morning. UPS stated a June 9 Delivery. I live in a major city with a Post Office hub and a UPS hub.

I have spent $28.90 for 2 week shipping. Thats ridiculous. WYZE, please look into a new shipping system, as one that does not overcharge, and delivers in a reasonable time.

+1 from me here.

Experience sucks… “processing” status takes forever, shipping is very expensive by modern standards

I really hope the cameras will deliver, once i get them :slight_smile:

So far though, card got charged immediately but order status still hasn’t changed two days in, processing…

I no longer patronize online merchants who use Smartpost or Surepost, for the very reasons you described. This includes SimpliSafe, Keurig, Lifeproof, and a few others I can’t recall off the top of my head. FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost are two of the worst delivery systems on the planet, IMO.

JUST ORDER THEM FROM AMAZON DERRRR!!! I would by far choose ordering from AMZN because of the faster shipping times. You may say that its more expensive. While it is, it’s only $1!