Shipping times are crazy slow

What kind of messed up arrangement is Wyzecam using to ship? I placed an order on 5 June, and today is 12 June…that’s a week… from Kent, WA to Montana, and the order still hasn’t arrived. Maybe I’m spoiled by Amazon Prime, but I’m a business shipper too… and there are far faster (and less expensive then what Wyzecam is charging for shipping) ways to get your product to the customer.


I could have driven to Kent, WA in less than a day… yet it’s been a week and still no product? Geeez! You folks need to reexamine your shipping choices.

Wyzecam arrived two days ahead of schedule. Very pleased.

They are using UPS Mail Innovations. That means that UPS handles the bulk of it and then they hand it off to the USPS for the “last mile”. It sucks! Lots of complaints here on the forum about it. It’s cheap - that’s about all you can say for it.


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Correct, I already commented on the UPS Mail Innovations. My last camera order, the Pan Cam, took 9 days from order to arrival in Florida. Think I’m done for awhile.

I agree that in the day and age of Amazon Prime, it is easy to get spoiled. But given the price of the Wyze cams in general, let alone considering their price related to feature set, it is hard to complain. And I don’t think the shipping charge is the actual shipping cost alone, it includes the process of shipping (handling) and packing.

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Shipping times are very slow and its all Wyze cams fault. I placed an order on May 31. It shipped via UPS Mail Innovations May 31 with estimated delivery June 6. From the tracking info I can’t determine when it was handed off to USPS but it was finally delivered June 11. That is 12 days transit and I was charged $18.49. The high cost for such terrible delivery is rediculous. I am a business shipper and I could have easily shipped the order via USPS and it would have been delivered in 2-3 business days to Texas (estimated June 4) at less cost. USPS is always faster and cheaper than UPS for small packages. Whoever at Wyze cams that decided UPS Mail Innovations was a good way to amaze and delight customers with delivery should be looking for a new job.

I complained to Wyze cams support and to their credit they refunded the $18.49 shipping due to delay.


This is why I won’t order directly from Wyze. UPS is usually spot on with shipping, BUT after UPS delivers the package to USPS it sits there for days (or weeks) before they deliver it. I truly believe that USPS stands for Useless Sh**ty Postal System.

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UPS Mail Innovations=SmartPost, much derided. It’s the USPS that inevitably drops the ball on these. I had many problems with this at the last place I lived.

There is no escaping it though, everyone seems to use it. :frowning:

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I agree with the slllloooow ship times. I ordered mine on June 1st and it just arrived today. BUT I really think the problem is with the incompetent United States Postal service, which UPS uses for some of their deliveries.

So, who can I order from if now Wyze??

The USPS is literally around 500 feet from my house and it takes 3-4 days for them to deliver a package once it arrives there. Very frustrating…

They should stick to just delivering letters.

Ordered my Pan Cam June 7th from Amazon, still waiting 7 days later. Kinda frustrating and the UPS/USPS combo just doesn’t work. EyeBuyDirect does the same thing with their eyeglasses and I’ve waited 10-14 days for those, Texas to Illinois. Seems Amazon Prime only gets the love from the postal service. Not sure why since depending on who you believe they either saved the postal service or are ripping it off.

Micro Center has them in store. About the same price as online after shipping. Just got one today!

Great find Mike! This is what I was waiting for. They’ll have open boxed ones for 29 bucks :slight_smile:

My shipment also took a long time. When there are two shippers involved it delays receiving the package by several days. It seems both parties hold onto the package longer and blame the other and tracking the package can be difficult. One shipper whether it be UPS, USPS or FedEx would work much better. I live in Florida and received a package in 3 days via USPS only from California. I don’t know how using two shippers saves money. Many companies use it, including Amazon for non-prime members on some of the items. To me, companies that use multiple shippers for a package are not thinking of their customers and I tend to look elsewhere when I can.

I finally received my order, it took 8 shipping/working days (10 calendar days)… and that was from Wa. to Mt. A distance that is approx. 12 hours of driving time apart. I’m done with ordering from WyzeCam. It’s a shame too… the Pan Cam is a nice little device, but obviously WyzeCam has little or no interest in shipping times to customers. I’ve seen many other businesses who’ve chosen similar paths for their shipping, and it generally has a negative impact on the companies that do so.

I noticed that the Pan Cam is now available on Amazon, however it’s not listed as a prime item. I put one in the cart to see, and the shipping time from Amazon is guaranteed in 7 calendar days. That’s still 3 days faster then what I’ve experienced when purchasing directly from WyzeCam. IF I ever do order another WyzeCam product, it will be through Amazon.

" I’ve seen many other businesses who’ve chosen similar paths for their shipping, and it generally has a negative impact on the companies that do so."
I removed several things from other vendors carts this morning because of this same usps shipping issue. If they don't allow for 'pure' 100% UPS or Fedex (no Mail Innovations or USPS nonsense) then I will buy the item(s) local or find another online vendor. I don't think online vendors understand how many people refuse to buy from their site because of usps shipping issues.

Get it on Amazon Prime. It’s available for the same price (shipping that Wyze would charge is included in the price and no extra shipping.)