Another Shipping FAIL by UPS Mail Innovations AND WYZE for choosing such a poor service

Ordered on Nov 27, of course quoted 4-7 days. Now it s December 6th, 9 days later. No tracking updates since the 4th. Very unhappy. My suggestions to everyone here, just order it through amazon and at least you can get guaranteed delivery. Do not get directly from WYZE or you will be waiting a long time.

For paying $8.99 for shipping, this cost could pay for much more robust service. Even Prioirty Mail by USPS would have delivered within 4 days and costs less than $8.99.


I agree with your sentiments. I have purchased close to 20 of these cameras and ZERO arrived on time or anywhere near it. Worse yet , UPS send 90% of the journey and then hands off to the asshats that are USPS which always adds another 2-3 days. For the shipping price I would expect 2nd day air. I order from China and receive things faster then from Wyze.

Wyze: Figure out Customer Service and Shipping, they are both terribly slow. I understand “growing pains” but this is stunting your growth and may lead to bigger problems.

They only count business days, not Saturday & Sunday… but yeah, slow.

Yes, they would be better off going with Priority mail, Mail innovations is too slow for most people.

Same here, I placed an order from Wyze Nov. 26 & still have not received it, tracking info has not updated since Dec. 4. I also placed an order from Amazon Nov. 28 & it arrived three days later.

Update: Original Wyze order finally arrived on Dec. 10

I ordered 11/28 and now usps estimate is 12/17. Agree on buying from amazon.

I was also disappointed by the slow shipping service.

I ordered very early Friday morning…several hours before the 2pm Pacific time cutoff.
My order was packaged and labelled but not shipped the same day.
My package didn’t go to UPS until 6pm on Monday.

The package finally gets transferred to USPS from UPS on Thursday where it stayed at my local postal facility until it was finally delivered on Saturday. And I live on the west coast so it shouldn’t take that long.

As for the shipping, Wyze should at least use USPS Priority Mail. I believe the Priority Mail boxes even fit the cameras so Wyze would even save money on boxes if they used their service.

First order came without a hitch.

Second order, not so much. I ordered 2 more cams and 2 surge protectors. I understand the weather delays… so my order finally shows up today.

USPS drops it off and I go retrieve it from my mail box.

The box is open. Inside is only 1 surge protector. I did not receive the 2 cameras and the other surge protector. They’ve been lost in transit along the way.

I contacted Wyze, hoping to hear back soon and receive the items I didn’t receive.

Wyze customer service is good at least. They remedied the situation to my satisfaction. But apparently they hadn’t modified their shipping. They really should.

So will my delivery be from USPS with my regular mail or UPS? My tracking number says it is due to come today. It is 3pm CT and it hasn’t arrived yet. It shipped on May 9.

UPS hands off to USPS for the actual delivery.

Still waiting for an order placed on May 5. Tracking says it was out for delivery this morning, but no such luck. Mail Innovations might be cheaper but it’s so slow.