How long does Wyze to ship the orders?

Can someone tell me how long do they take to ship the stuff?

Shipping and handling are extremely slow!

Basically, it took them four business days just to process my order then the order status changed to complete. After that nothing has happened so far, it has been two business day since then. No tracking number has been given either!! (I need them by the end of this coming week to bring them with me abroad.)

I called them today during their normal business hours. Their answering machine said they were not available and told me to call back!! WTH !!???

It is ridiculous. Instead of ordering from Amazon, I intentionally directly purchased from them to support their business.

If you take that long to process and ship orders, no one will come back.

Not again, thanks.

Hello @Wizer, Can you please send me the order number so I can forward it directly to someone who can help you out?

Package tracking tip: Subscribe to package alerts to your address at the USPS, FedEx and UPS web sites. I almost always know when a package is on the way and about to be delivered, regardless of the shipping method. That includes UPS Mail Innovations, which Wyze uses.

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As @DreadPirateRush notes, they use UPS Mail Innovations which is notoriously slow and lacking in timely information.

Also, it’s the weekend which is why you didn’t get through. Their normal business hours are M-F. If you got the order in last week, hopefully it’s on the way and the tracking is just slow to report.

If you ordered from your Wyze account, you should be able to log in there and see your order status and hopefully the tracking number.

I’m having this same problem I payed with PayPal and was not given a order number to check my order!!!