How long is shipping from Wyze?

Hello everyone. I’m wondering how long shipping is from Wyze. I’m wanting to order a V3 and they are not in stock on Amazon which is where I’ve ordered all my other Wyze products. Was thinking about ordering directly from Wyze depending on shipping time. Figured someone on here would know. Thanks in advance.

Strictly speaking about non early-access pre-order stuff, it seems like my regular orders show up in 7-10 days. I’m in the Southern US.

The last four V4 cameras I ordered arrived in less than a week.
I’m in the Los Angeles, Calif. area.

One of my favorite subjects.
First I’ll define what I consider “shipping from Wyze” - From the time the order is placed until the order is in my possession.

Normally it takes 1 or 2 days for the order to be processed and packaged.
Sometimes they would email me the order was shipped at that time.
Then the shipper - which was normally FedEx Dumb Post - would eventually pick it up. This could take from a day to 3 days.
After that it could take from 2 days to a week or so to get to my local Post office. Then another day or 3 (if a holiday weekend) to get to me.
I’ve watched a shipment leave Seattle, get to Memphis, return to Seattle, spend a weekend, finally come back to Memphis, thence to my local PO. Another shipment spent 3 or 4 days going to different sites in the SeaTac area before it finally broke out.
And I’ve had one replacement cam get to me in 3 days.

Please Please get rid of Fedex. They suck SO bad… everytime I get a shipment from Wyze it takes 2 weeks from shipment to arrival in Ohio. The Pony Express could get my Wyze swag here sooner!. This is the most frustrating think about purchasing from Wyze! I’de gladly pay a buck or 2 more to have the option of having something shipped without using fedex smartpost. (Dumbpost)

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I’d think they could/should afford better shipping, given that we’re paying for shipping on each product. If you buy 4 or 5 items, you might be paying $30+ in shipping! That should at least buy me some UPS ground or something.