How many days does shipping take from Wyze

Hi! I’m planning on sending a couple of Wyze Cams v3 to my cousin who is going to India this coming Sunday. My question is: If I place the order tomorrow (Wednesday) from the website, is there a chance those Cams will reach my cousin by Saturday?

If it’s iffy, my other option is to place the order via Amazon Prime (and I think their 2-day shipping will make sure that it reaches by Saturday).

Can someone let me know?


Wyze doesn’t have expedited shipping, so order it from wherever they can guarantee you will have it in your hands in PLENTY of time. At least a day before you need it, because even expedited shipping has had glitches lately. Also, some companies only count shipping time, and not the time it takes to pick the order first.


It depends. I live just beyond Mars. I only know this because Wyze can’t figure how to get a package to me in less than 33 days

Wyze car shipped on 15 June Arrived here 18 July. At least it was the same year.

Ordering on Wednesday hoping for receipt on Saturday is ‘iffy’ no matter what. While Amazon has been amazingly good for me even they have had glitches where something takes longer than what is typical.

@kravish - You’d be lucky if it got picked up by the shipper by Saturday.

My previous v3 orders all arrived in under a week via FedEx smartpost

Hi All,

Thanks everyone for the feedback. This was very useful to know (from your personal experiences). Based on the feedback that I received, I’ll just order this via Amazon Prime (as they usually get this under 2 days, and also shipping is free). Thanks again!!