Slow to ship?

I ordered $300+ worth of stuff simply because I tested on my single v2 camera the RTSP firmware, and was impressed and wanted to get rid of my Yi camera’s…I ordered 5 pan’s, two more v2’s cameras, two sense kits and some mounts on Monday morning from Wyze’s site; it says they ship same day if ordered before 2pm.

It’s now Thursday, still hasn’t shipped. Don’t know what’s up. I contacted support yesterday and she said she’d get back, which she did like 6 hours later in a vague email about low stock. If there is/was low stock, seems like that would be reflected on in the site store. If it was a single item, partial shipments would have been much appreciated too.

Really thinking about cancelling the order, guess I should have ordered from Amazon so i could have installed this week. Anyone else having delays in them shipping things out?

In my experience direct orders from Wyze take 2-3 days to ship, then however long a First-Class Mail package takes to arrive from Seattle (usually 3-4 days to Pittsburgh).

The two times I needed something more quickly I ordered from Amazon with next-day shipping for a $3.99 upcharge, or went to Home Depot and bought one off the shelf. Both options were more expensive than ordering directly from Wyze, but that’s the tradeoff you make for quick delivery.

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I saw elsewhere on here that orders had been temporarily delayed because the FedEx warehouse was out of stock of some things. But I believe that has been rectified so your order should ship shortly.