Sharing my experience with WyzeCam

I own several WyzeCam products, both the WyzeCam and the PanCam… having made a number of attempts to acquire answers, and apparently being ignored by WyzeCam, I’ll ask here, in a public format… How can WyzeCam charge what they do for shipping, and the delivery times be so terribly slow? I live less then a 12 drive away from where WyzeCam products are shipped, and EVERY order I’ve placed takes 10-14 days AFTER THE ITEM IS SHIPPED to be delivered.

I realize we all live the “Amazon age” of fast shipping, but the method that WyzeCam chooses to use, and the fact that they ignore the complaints of their clients has lead me to the following conclusion… Although the WyzeCam products are a solid value for the money, their choice of shipping methods, and lack of response to those of us who want an explanation for those painfully slow shipping methods, I am done purchasing any WzyeCam products unless/until they change their shipping methods.

I’d welcome any response from WyzeCam here, since they seem deaf to any and all “private” communications I’ve attempted concerning their shipping choices/methods.

Wyze products are also available from Amazon with Prime shipping.

Obviously that’s happened in the last few days. I placed an order for a PanCam from Amazon on 21 June, and there was no prime shipping available. Having experience with the horrible shipping times with Wyzecam, I thought Amazon might be different, but you don’t know the shipping method until AFTER you place the order.


It’s pretty ironic that now I could order one today from Amazon, and it would be delivered before the one shipped from Wyzecam a week ago. Cancel that thought… I just saw that the PanCam will not be in stock with Amazon until 5 July. But here’s the thing… the order I placed on Amazon predicts delivery between 28 Jun-6 Jul. Uh… I think that makes my point very clear.

yeah it is a bit annoying, i had similar experience, ordered the pan cam 2 days before ordering a wyzecam v2 from amazon and received the v2 a couple days before the pan.

but it is what it is, i wasn’t misled by wyze as to shipping times, and i’m assuming its economies of scale. wyze aren’t shipping product at the level amazon is, which will result in higher shipping fees etc and they probably have reached a sweet spot that keeps prices down somewhat while keeping delivery times acceptable.

Today I did some shipping cost research for my Wife. She has crocheted a large number of blankets, shawls, hats, and other stuff over the past few months. She wants to send them as inexpensively and trackable to friends and relatives as gifts. I was looking at USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I found several sites that had shipping comparisons of all permutations and combinations for each carrier. Straight USPS Priority and First Class Package Mail was the best on all the sites. I then conformed the results by going to the USPS, UPS, and FedEx sites and came to the same conclusion.

This is a long story short and I have factored in other variables such as speed of delivery, trackability, and ease of getting the items sent out. The services that UPS and FedEx provide that involves the USPS were bottomline most expensive and least trackable.

Amazon has realized that product delivery is key and they have also found that they must be directly involved as long as possible. That is why it is that Amazon Trucks deliver directly to USPS Regional Distribution Points (Google it, there are only a limited number in every state, from there the packages go to your local Post Office). Amazon has found that this way they can meet their 2-day promise as often as possible and provide accurate tracking. Now I will admit that some to many local Post Offices have incompetent people working for them that foul up the tracking and prompt delivery. One of the 3 carriers who deliver my USPS mail and packages is such an incompetent slackard boob.

Since the Wyze Founders are supposed to have worked for Amazon I am surprised that they are so inept at shipping.

Hi all!

To answer all your questions, allow us to quickly review our mission. We uphold the philosophy that technology should be accessible for everyone, which is reflected in our business model where the margin is kept very thin in order to pass savings and value to customers. Under this philosophy, we are fortunate enough to grow quickly since we launched the Wyze business.

Paddy.otoole is right on about the challenge we are facing in choosing shipping methods, along with the journey this far. We strive to offer the right balance in terms of shipping cost and speed. As our shipping volume is still not significant enough, the current ship method – UPSMI – allows us to deliver the savings to you, recognizing the sacrifice on delivery speed.

That being said, we are in negotiation with carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS for example) for more direct, robust and speedy shipping methods without compromising too much on the cost. We also are working on adding express ship options (2-day, 3-day for example) to accommodate needs when delivery speed is a paramount priority for some customers. We are optimistic about what we will be able to offer on shipping as we continue our growth path with all your understanding and support, which is the ultimate reason why all Wyze people are working hard here every day.

Why not just go there and pick your stuff up? Nice little walk.

Thank you for the update/input. That all being well and good, I have to ask this question… When was WyzeCam founded/opened for business? Am I correct in assuming it’s been at least a year+?

Running a sole proprietor business myself, and having done so for 2+ decades, getting the product to the consumer/customer in a timely manner should have been one of the first considerations in a business plan. A business is not sustainable by selling a single product to a single individual… it’s sustained through multiple sales to the same individuals… over and over. Like it or not, the fact is that Amazon has set the standard/expectation for shipping, and unless you can be at least in the same “ballpark” when it comes to shipping… it’s going to hurt your business.

With that in mind, fast and efficient shipping should be a paramount concern for any business that offers a tangible product, right from the start. Unless I’m mistaken, didn’t the founders of WyzeCam come from a background with Amazon? If so, I just can’t wrap my head around why the lesson wasn’t learned that one of the biggest attributes/draws of Amazon is the “prime” shipping. I would guess that the majority of Amazon Prime members pay that yearly fee, for no other reason then the shipping perks.

While it’s admirable that WyzeCam is working on the issue of shipping, it doesn’t negate the aura/impression that already surrounds your company/product as being painfully slow in shipping. In my experience, once that impression is made, it takes something pretty impressive to erase it from the minds of your consumers.

All that being said, with the WyzeCam products soon to be available via Amazon Prime, it all may be moot. I suspect that if you can maintain supplies of your products to Amazon, your requirements for direct shipping will be drastically reduced. I wish WyzeCam only the best, and hope that you can some day get the shipping issues resolved.

Let it go, let it go. I think they are doing great for a startup company. Keep your price down as you have. More of us like the price than fast shipment. I have bought them both ways. I have ordered so many I have lost count. They make such nice expensive gifts. Have have given. Keep up the good work wyze guys, most of your customers are very happy with your product as you continue to make them even better. 12 miles and you are still crying. Shame shameful!!!?

Wyze should just use Priority Mail USPS for shipping since it is USPS which does the last mile delivery to the mailbox with the current UPS Mail Innovation snail mail.

Priority Mail travels by air not truck. If you are enrolled in the USPS Informed Delivery program tracking info is automatically sent by USPS when item is scanned for shipment and as to transists USPS to home.

When I order things online from other sites, Other than Amazon , that are on that side of the country, with standard shipping, it always takes about a week to travel the 3,000 miles to get here , no different with the order I got from Wyze

"I live less then a 12 drive away from where WyzeCam "
Is that 12 driveways , 12 miles , 12 minutes ?