Delivery to Canada? Delivery through


I do understand that you cannot order through this website for Canada delivery. But Amazon, while it does seem to have the product, says that it would take 4 to 6 months before delivery? Is there a problem here? Does it take that much time 'cause in the end we might never receive it? Is there like some limited stock for Canada and it really take that much time? I would gladly buy 1 if not more than 1…but I need to know if I’ll end up receiving them. Not that much interested in paying money right now for something I,ll receive in 6 months…Thanks for clarifying this…

Holy s***! I ordered 4 of them on May 16 from and they just shipped today (May 21). Says they’ll arrive by May 28. I don’t think Amazon had 4-6 month shipping quoted when I ordered them, so maybe they’re out of stock or something. I’m in Canada btw.

They say in stock again May 27th 2018. I just ordered 5 more!

I see the Wyzecam (Item model number: WYZEC2) at $37.49 CDN with free shipping (overpriced) being available on on June 6, 2018. Currently, nothing listed for the new Wyze Pan camera. I tried to order direct from Wyzecam to Canada, but I noted on the form, US addresses only.

Received my two new Wyzecam’s V2 in their cute little boxes today via Canada Post from WALL-E ONE & TWO are operating perfectly, firmware update received without any issues. Now to see who is turning on our east exterior hose bib every few nights around 2 am. During the day, I think I’m going to keep an birds eye view on the sun bathers in our front yard bird bath. Now to figure out how to snag a couple of those new Wyze Cam Pans and two Wyze Cam mounting kits.