International Shipping: Canada

When will these cams be available in Canada? Eh?


Also interested in when international shipping to Canada might be available. I have 3 Wyzecams and I’m interested in ordering another 3 v2’s to supplement my coverage. These things are great!


Come on ship to Canada - it’s not that hard, just put a couple of extra stamps on the package.


Will the cloud storage work anywhere in the world?

I’ve got 4 Wyze Cams, 2 V1 and 2 Pan. cloud works fine in the Great White North, I’m located in YYC

Would be great if we in Canada could order directly instead of almost paying double the price on with no warranty.Going to the USA just is not that convenient for many of your customers.That and an outdoor cam pan would be fantastic just in time for Xmas.


YES! I agree it’s not much to ship here and you guys have Shipping and Handling on your US site anyways! I see your selling as a re seller on Amazon but the price is super high! Maybe you could offer them at a fair price to other countries? You could even ship and leave any other charges up to the receiver. IE Duty or GST ect…

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Agreed. Make these available to Canada!

And if they aren’t available, remove the Province and Postal Code references on your shipping page so you don’t confuse anyone else.


And, why not add a ‘Shipping FAQ’ page to make this clear. Do we really have to go to a user forum to find that out???


Currently Amazon is selling them outside of the US without WYZE approval.

I am guessing the Province and Postal Code are there because they are preparing to sell to Canada.

Here’s to hoping; with the Wyze Lock coming out in Feb, I am certainly glad I didn’t buy an alternative on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Let’s hope we can get shipping by the end of the year. My shopping cart will definitely be filled with Wyze goodies if I can buy directly from them!:grinning:


Hello WYZE customer support. Give us an answer to the Canada availability issue. I am happy to be your Canadian reseller / warranty and support outsource partner. Great product. When will it be available for Canada shipping.

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