International Issues (esp. Canada)

I live in Canada, and I’m frustrated that I’m unable to use the Store to order products. (I purchased my first Wyse products via Amazon).

I’m wondering whether Wyze has plans to become more International in its offerings, or at least more North American.

I’m also eager to purchase a V3 Cam and wondering when that might be possible for me, either from the store or through another seller.

Wyze is very close to this! It should be coming very soon. More information here:


Thank you! This is wonderful news. I will look forward to “soon,” when I will finally be able to check out from my WYZE shopping cart.


It is nice to see that we will have a Canadian distributor. How soon will it be before Canadians can buy services like Cam Plus without having to have a US postal address to do so. We’re getting all the enticing emails bet try to buy it and you say “No”. When will that licensing issue be solved. With COVID -19 Canucks can not go to the States even set up an address. Wyze you may have some good features. Please let us buy them!

You can subscribe to cam plus in Canada right now. If a Canadian credit card isn’t working you can also try PayPal.

Thanks kjay.
I tried it again with another credit card. Visa worked. I’m signed up.
Strange just yesterday, the ‘call center’ said that feature wasn’t yet available in Canada.

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