What about Canada?

I just received an email saying that the Wyze Cam v3 is now available for All. When I tried to order, it can only be ordered if you live in the U.S… I live in Canada and currently have 3 Cam Plus accounts. Why would Wyze not offer to their Canadian customers? Very disappointed!


Check the larger Home Depot stores, given that the larger ones in the US are stocking Wyze products. Perhaps Wyze is just not up to speed yet for international sales.

I don’t know if they did sell some products at one time or not, but currently Home Depot Canada lists 5 Wyze products but none are available to order.


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Welcome @Kfg!
You may ant to check out these #wishlist items:


I just ordered wyze plugs off home depot.ca

Kinda confused since there’s no formal press release or front page ad for HD.

Have to see if they actually ship, I know stores have on hand stock.

I want the v3 cam. Not currently offered in Canada.


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I am also looking for V3 cam, as my last email said they are available for “Everyone”

This is a BIG SIGH. I have 2 - v2 and 1 PanCam and have been looking to get outdoor cameras. I really like the Wyze products but not available on Amazon.ca for the V3 and can’t order and ship to Canada from your site as others have pointed out here. They show as an item in Home Depot .ca. but all out of stock? What’s going on? Can’t make them fast enough? Sounds like a problem well worth fixing. I have several friends asking about cameras and I can’t really recommend something one can’t even order.

I was able to finally order 2 Wyze Cam v3’s. I received an email from Wyze promoting the outdoor cam. I ordered them through the Wyze site and it took me to Amazon.com not Amazon.ca to complete the order. I used my Amazon.ca login and it says they should arrive April 10th. Got my fingers crossed.


I live in Quebec (Canada) and I would like to get the WYZE HANDHELD VACUUM. The only place is www.wantboard.ca and they charge $135 canadian dollar! way too much!

Good luck. I would like to see them arrive before I order though. Crossing my fingers too

I got them a week earlier than they had said. The V3 night vision is awesome. FINALLY available in Canada!!!


Received my 4 today!! British Columbia



I’m also in Canada and like to get v3. When you check out from Wyze site did you pick amazon check out button?
Are your device received directly from Wyze or from a 3rd party vendor? I try to understand if warranty is honoured through this purchase route.

Yes I selected Amazon check out.


It doesn’t work. It says is not a US address :frowning:

When are they going to offer products in Canada? Pretty useless to receive an email saying Doorbell is available to order only to be denied at checkout because I don’t have a US address. Frustrating and annoying as heck !!

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I would love to pre-order the ear buds but can’t because I am not in the US. I own 4 cameras and a cam plus account.

They are clearly never going to bother to service Canada properly. They have been saying “coming soon!” For years now. It’s not hard to do, in fact it’s very simple.
I even offered to do it for them! No response.(as always)

I have never seen a company care less about connecting with their customers than wyze. There is basically no way to get a hold of them other than on here, and they ignore this question over and over again.

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