Anyone in Canada been buy the v3 pro?

Hey all, I’ve been trying to buy the v3 pro but it’s always out of stock on the Canadian site, tried amazon and same…how are you guys getting them??

Have you checked Home Depot? The only brick and mortar place that sells Wyze products.

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I know that some people do “reshipper” services to get them. Basically, you work with a reshipping service, order from the USA, and have it shipped to the Re-shipper with a USA address, and then when that company gets it, they forward it on to you in Canada. There are a lot of Canadians that do that…but it does cost a little more to cover that international reshipping.

I know Gwendolyn said today that sometimes things are slightly more delayed by Canada due to their extra regulations. One example is making sure to the have the right languages on the packaging materials, or Canada won’t allow it. Then they like to make sure they have enough extra stock first, and the supply chain has been tough the last couple years. So this is the usual answer for why things are limited or delayed for Canada, but that Wyze still intends to offer as much as they can as the logistics are able to.

Until then, as was suggested by habib, you can try Home Depot, or doing a reshipper service.