Is wyze Shipping to canada?

When does shipping to canada start ?


More like shipping within than Shipping to Canada! :wink:

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Wyze is considering themselves as nearly grown up. It is time they spread their sales to outside the US.

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Apparently, they were officially to start the domestic Canadian operations in the first quarter of 2021, which technically has passed.

So wait and watch I guess!

Don’t hold your breath, Wize is anxious and willing to take your money for CAM plus but when it comes to selling in Canada we have to deal with amazon at a higher rate AND not all wize product are sold on amazon. Another corporation like the other. Give me your money and shut up…

Wyze V3, outdoor, door bell, and pan Cameras are being sold by Home Depot Canada, or they were I have been looking for a couple more V3 cameras but they seem to be out of stock at the moment. Pet Smart is also selling some of the cameras. so we no longer have to by from Amazon at a marked up price. Thanks Wyze it’s been a log wait but the 2 V3 cameras I bought from home Depot are great, just need a few more.

Well yeah I bought the Wyze camera in Canada AND at a great price years back. I am asking about the rest of the stuff (and at US prices), which US only has, like Wyze band, Watch, weighing machine, headphone, vacuum cleaner etc. Wyze Cameras in Canada were always there.

I live in the Netherland, and I am having a problem to order a product from Wyze website. This product exists on their website but it doesn’t exist on Amazon or eBay for me to order it from there, as you know I can’t make my order from Wyze website because I don’t live in the US, Can anyone advice please?