Wyze Cam Outdoor Preorder Shipping to Canada?

I’m interested in preordering the Wyze Cam Outdoor but when trying to complete my order it appears that you can’t ship to Canada. Is that correct?

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Hello @peglaws and welcome to the community

That is true currently they do not ship to Canada, however they are working on it, the thread with that information is linked below.


Nice save, I was tired

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Just tried to buy a Cam Plus subscription and Wyze wont even sell that to Canada! Really Wyze?

The lack of interest of Wyze to sell in Canada really makes me wonder if these cheep cams (in USA) are worth the expense (Currently high cost when bought thru Amazon in Canada) or other resellers.

Time to consider something different readily available in Canada!

I’m a Canadian and I have subscribed to Cam Plus.

Just tried again and worked using a credit card. Would not work thru Amazon…

I know it’s been beaten to death, and I know Canada shipping is scheduled for Q2 2021… But can I get in on the pre-order fun? Seriously. I can wait. Just ship it when you can. This company is going to be huge and I just want to support innovation in this sector.



I’ll give Wyze my money now if they’ll just give me the pre-order pricing and ship it when they finally get shipping to Canada figured out.


Canadian here, love your products and have decided the Cam V3 will be my camera of choice. I want to purchase 5 of these (along with pre-ordering the vacuum and the sprinkler controller now) and being able to get the pre-order pricing would really help me during this pandemic because my wages are just not the same.


Trying to enjoy the Camplus promo but CANNOT, as I can’t get the free camera shipped to Canada, so they lose my CAMPLUS money too. Come on, how hard is it to warehouse or ship to another country in North America?


Now available on Amazon

I may order this, but I also had an offer for a free V3 camera, but I cannot get that to ship to Canada via Wyze, where the coupon is valid for the free camera.


we are on the same boat. Wyze should have a solution for their loyal customers from canada.