Canadian Purchases

Hi … I purchased 4 of your products through

I noticed that the prices have gone up in both Canadian and American marketplaces in three days, twice, in the space of a weekend! And a total of at least four times in the past two months. I’m surmising that a combination of Amazon and basic economics basics of supply and demand are at play here…lol :wink:

I also noticed that by ordering here (I’m in the app), which, through the app, is directly to the vendor/supplier. The advantage through the app is that I could purchase another two for $19.99 each, add to that Canadian conversion, for a far better pricing structure for both you and me than the $47.89 the price has been raised to as of today😲

So, to circumvent the gaming in the Amazon marketplace that’s now become a deterrent, how can I order to have it delivered to a Canadian location as I’ve done in the past, but without going through Amazon and rather to give the whole profits to you, the seller. As it appears now, ordering through the app allows only American addresses.

Thank you.



That is correct. Unfortunately, Wyze is only selling within the US at this time as they have not yet expanded their infrastructure yet to support outside-US markets. Amazon is not even supposed to be selling them outside the US.

Here’s a #roadmap topic you can vote for. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:


Where do I vote to have the outdoor camera to be available to canadians sooner?


Hi @sarevalo and welcome to the Community! Here is the link to VOTE you requested.

Little known fact: Canada is inside North America.

There was a post from a Wyze employee saying a Canadian logistics centre had been contracted in March. Are there any updates on progress for Canadian customers 8 months later?


Id love to know too. Wyze sends me emails all the time regardless of the fact I can’t buy directly from them.

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Exactly. I would love to but the vacuum but not in Canada.

There was a price drop of $20 on and that was low enough so I picked it up. Official Canadian distribution would still be ideal.

I’m waiting for the purchase of the new WyzeCAM. It said on the website that I can save $$ if I purchase them with the cloud option.

But can’t find it in
Is it again, à virtual option only offers to US citizens?

You know… Internet purchase should be international… Not only locked near the factory…
I daily purchase thing for multiple site in China, Europe,.and even from some US vendor. But can’t understand why only in USA, for Wyze?


legal, jurisdictional, taxation, duties, support, returns, shipping. Pick any, or all.

There are a lot of laws and certifications that must be added which adds extra cost when you sell a product in the Canadian market. Just as an example, CSA certification, products must have French and English instructions/manuals/advertising on the box, labeling, there might be significant costs on duties.

That’s just a few things. I’m just guessing but right now, they are not considering the Canadian market since for a $20 product, it might be quite cost prohibitive to do all the certifications and retool all their manuals and packaging to have French on it. It is however a pretty large market in Canada, it’s a relatively untapped market. Plenty of people, including me, already have the wyze cam and don’t mind either ordering it from third party sources and shipping it to Canada or picking it up over the border. I personally know 4 people who use this product. I don’t know what the market research will say if they do launch in Canada, whether they will make a big enough profit to cover their initial costs if quite a few people already own their products.

What this thread is saying is that despite the difficulty, we implore Wyze to sell in Canada. From the consumer perspective, we don’t really care how difficult it is.

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Wyze now has for their Canadian retailed products. I hope they work on expanding the selection.

Also I have to add that it’s absolutely gross that a product which sells for $13 in the US is being sold for $47 on the Canadian site. Come on…

Don’t know? Wyze Cam V3 is $35.98 on (US) & $35 on (CA)

I was referring to the Wyze Scale when talking about the price gouging.