Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

MOD EDIT 10/28/21: Testing is in progress!

MOD EDIT 4/12/21: We’re getting closer! :smiley:

MOD EDIT 3/1/21: Here is the most recent update:

Hi, Canadians can buy Wyze cams directly from, but at a rather exorbitant markup!

The V2 sells for CDN$ 37.49 and the Pan Cam for CDN$ 59.85, While shipping is included if you have Prime, The Warranty is not valid in Canada.

I live 10 minutes from the border so no big deal for me, but I would rather be paying Wyze than Amazon, even if there was a small markup to sell outside the USA.

Presently I have 2 v2’s and a Pan Cam… Love the product and the way you are sharing your goings on with the public!!! Keep it up, (and get the Google Home interface working soon of course. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Allow customers located in Mexico to buy direct from Wyze

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Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze


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This inability to order in Canada stings more now than ever with the early access to Sense being unattainable for us north of the border. :canada:


Couldn’t agree more, it really can’t be that difficult to ship to Canada folks… Would you please have a look at it?


I just want to point out that it’s not just about shipping. Wyze wants/need to ensure that there is adequate infrastructure/server support to handle the outside-US markets.


Point taken… but there are only 11 people in Canada with electricity, The rest live in igloos… bad place for wiring… :slight_smile:


I am in Nova Scotia and currently ‘playing’ with 4 WYZE Cams. Very impressed with their both Cams and APP. Can’t wait until they start selling in Canada. Fortunately my son lives in Duvall, WA and can get product for me.

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Please note that 3 of the 11 of us have wyze products. That is almost a 30% share of our entire population - your server can handle us!


It is now 4. :wink: I also live at thd border so no biggie.

For those who dont, you can consider buying with a US reshipper receiving the item then forwarding on over the border. Painful way to do it, but for some organizations like tge US Feds, it can really help.

I actually have a P.O. Box in Blaine, it costs 10 dollars US per year, or about 750.00 Cdn lol

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Canadians are already buying them from ( i have 3), so im not sure how having another storefront would increase server load. Maybe because the price would be more fair if direct?


+1. I’ve 11 Cameras in total (v2 and Pans). Using them in Canada and UK. Would love the direct option of shipping to Canada. Beats trying to figure out someone to send the Sense to and then when I’ll receive it

I was excited to see this new product - Wyze Sense Starter Kit. Tried to put 3 in my basket and unfortunately does not ship to Canada. How and when can you make this happen?


I have a wyze cam v2 and wyze cam pan. I would have loved to pickup the new motion sensors, but that wasn’t a option. I honestly won’t mind paying a bit more for the product, but I would rather by the products directly from wyze as well

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We are working on Canadian shipping with plans to launch that in the summer! We’d like to get to other areas of the world later but don’t have concrete plans for those yet.


Gwendolyn, until your summer launch, would you sell Sense on


Part of the problem isn’t in just allowing us to buy but the after-sales support should it be required. I am pretty sure we Canadians would not like to have to send the Wyze (whatever it is, cam/sense/etc) back to USA as we have pretty expensive shipping. That would also mean Wyze would have expensive shipping if they were to foot the bill.
For them to have an actual footprint in Canada, that creates other business headaches over and above just cost (which can be significant). Compliance with Canadian business laws, multinational requirements, other things I don’t know, etc.
That said, I would love a Canadian presence, for sure.


@madtaurus has a lot of the different issues nailed down in their post. We never authorized to sell our products for these and other reasons. It is possible that they’ll start selling Wyze Sense but we don’t have control of that at this point.

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One other point that came to mind, is the linguistic environment. We are an officially bilingual country, and Wyze would have to have all their material translated into French, and offer services in French if they were to ever allow sales to Quebec.