Allow customers located in Mexico to buy direct from Wyze

This topic is requesting that Wyze sell and support their products to customers located in Mexico. For Wyze to do this, they will not only need be able to ship internationally, but also ensure that adequate international server infrastructure and technical support is available.

Note that Canada sales are covered under a separate topic here:

Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

Note that non-US areas other than Mexico and Canda are covered under a separate topic here:

Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

Hi from Mexico, great news to be able to buy directly, please don’t forget to enable alexa skills as well !

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Another vote here from Mexico. We can get both V2 and Pan cams on local Amazon. Prices for V2 is 770 MXN (38 USD) and 857 MXN (57 USD) for Pan Cam. It’s still a lot more than Wyze’s official 20 USD and 30 USD but the point is that they are still very good and convenient, even at these prices. If I ever encountered a problem for which I would have to send a device for warranty purposes, I think I’d better just replace it with a new one.
However my major requests or complains are that I still cannot buy Wyze sense on local Amazon (bulbs are available but not sense); and the biggest one is that I’am not able to use assistant services. Everything has worked perfectly for almost a year now and was anxiously awaiting the integration with Google Home only to find out it would not be enabled outside the US. I was even able to test it for a few times until this restriction was enabled.
I would love to hear back from Wyze if they ever plan to lift this restriction and let us chromecast the camer.
All things aside, I’m still a Wyze fan and recommend their products to everytone and I still think I get more than what I paid for.

@WyzeGwendolyn Hope you are doing great!

Is there any update you can share regarding shipping to Mexico? Would be great if we can buy directly from Wyze.

If that will take some time… is it possible to sell the Wyze Sense Starter Kit directly from Amazon Mexico (Imported) the same way you sell the WyzeCam?
Like this →ámbrico-Nocturna/dp/B076H3SRXG/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=wyze&qid=1574561669&sr=8-3

I’m going to be completely honest with you…
I bought the WyzeCam 4 days ago, then I bought the Wyze Bulb… now I want the Wyze Sensors & Bridge. I know… I have a problem :pensive: and I can’t wait for next year to see new products :wink:

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I think it just mirrors whatever they have on the US Amazon store. From what I can tell, it looks like the Sense starter kit isn’t sold on Amazon, although the Cam + Sense is, which is what it sounds like. A camera and a Sense starter kit.ámara-Inteligente-Interiores-Sentido/dp/B07R3H3N97/

I know that it’s something we were investigating but I don’t have a further update. I wouldn’t expect it any time soon since I haven’t heard progress and we’re still wrangling Canadian shipping.

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I purchased these cams from Wyze Labs in Mexico. If it’s not recommended for international users then why sell them outside the US?

Vendido y enviado por Amazon México.
Sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico.

In terms of authorized international sellers, they don’t. I’m not exactly sure how it works with Amazon. Some products get sold through resellers on Amazon, which isn’t always obvious from the product listing. I’m not sure to what extent Amazon mirrors its US offerings on its Mexico outlet. Even in Europe, I know people are able to buy them through various localized Amazon sites somehow, but that’s not something Wyze encourages.

If Amazon offers free returns in Mexico, that might be your best option. That’s available on most items from the US site, but I’m not sure how the international Amazon sites work.


Thanks for the link. I’d encourage you to expand on that FAQ answer to specify “Amazon (US only)”, since I did purchase from Amazon, just not the US store.

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Yeah, I understand the confusion. I can ping some Wyze folks and make that suggestion.


Amazon is selling them to other countries against the instructions of WYZE is the problem. Amazon kind of does what it wants and the only recourse is to pull your product, not something any company would want to do since Amazon is so huge.

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Even that wouldn’t solve the problem entirely, aside from the fact that I suppose they could call Amazon an unauthorized reseller. But even if Amazon themselves stopped selling the camera, Amazon has tons of third-party resellers who can sell any product by any brand.

It doesn’t help that Amazon’s messaging is confusing about who you’re buying the camera from. As a case-in-point, @bkuri circled “Wyze Labs” on the listing and wrote:

which seems to be true at first glance, except that it’s not, “Wyze Labs” is the manufacturer, NOT the seller. Amazon’s product listing format is a bit misleading in this regard, but that’s not something Wyze has any control over, unfortunately.


Upon closer examination, it appears that @nerdland is absolutely correct in that the seller is not actually “Wyze Labs” but some random reseller. Their name appears somewhere at the bottom of the listing, which I find to be absolutely misleading from Amazon.

To be clear, the only reason why I bought these cameras was because I understood the seller to be Wyze themselves; otherwise I would’ve thought twice before purchasing these products.

I guess I’ll have to return them, which is a real pity because I really like everything else about them and was planning on getting a few other Wyze products for the house.

Thanks for your help and my apologies for hijacking the thread.


That’s why I posted this
Vendido y enviado por Amazon México.
Sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico.

Amazon lists the sold and shipped by over on the right side under Buy Now, not in the listing itself.
It tells who the manufacturer is in the listing . not who it’s sold by
I don’t see that it is misleading , That’s the way everything is on Amazon not just wyze cameras

I do think it can be a bit misleading, but you’re right that it’s the same way for everything on Amazon. It’s not something Wyze can control.

Looks like you all got this sorted out. But I am going to see about clarifying that article. Thanks for bringing it up! :slight_smile:


I also bought Wyze Cam v2 from Amazon Mexico and even bought the Wyze Sense Kit and Wyze bulbs from Amazon USA (Imported)

Yes… I understand we might have some limitations with the warranty but I haven’t had any problems with these awesome products or any other imported product I bought, not even with customs. Wyze is a really cool company so maybe they will make an exception and send a new camera if something goes really wrong with yours.

I’ve been playing with these Wyze products and had no problem at all, they work really well!
If you are worried about Alexa limitations it pretty much depends on you. I created an Amazon USA account for my Echo Show 5, I changed the address to my city where I can ask/see the weather forecast, I selected the option of a Spanish/English Alexa so I’m able to download the Wyze Skill + some Mexican skills ← This was also important to download the Roku Skill so I’m able to turn on/off my TV with Alexa.

At this point, I don’t see why you should return the product if it’s working really great and if you like it. I haven’t tried 2FA and it probably won’t work but it isn’t something that is extremely needed in Mexico, specially since people don’t even know this awesome camera exists.

By the way @WyzeGwendolyn I bought 6 Wyze Cams for family and friends and they really loved them so don’t forget Mexico might be an important market to enter hopefully after you sort things out with Canada. If it is taking too long please let Amazon MX/USA sell the Wyze Lock to Mexico cause that’s another product I would love to get.

Last but not least, if you go to Amazon USA and search Wyze Cam, you can also see that it’s sold and shipped by Amazon, same way as Mexico. Not saying this means anything, just something to take into account. I believe that if you bought from Amazon Mexico you have some kind of protection or 1 year warranty but I’m not completely sure so take this with a grain of salt.

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I´ve been using the Complete Motion service for the last month and I loved it. When I wanted to renew it I found out that it only accepts cards with billing address in the US and Canada. Could you add Mexico as a country so that we could pay for the services? Thanks

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Hi carlos, Im also from mexico (ill write in english for everyone else).
How did you manage to pay for the services? When I tried to renew my Complete Motion subscription it only allowed for cards with billing addresses in the US and Canada.
As for the Google Home restriction, you could try to change your google account to a us account and have it work on spanish. Thats How I do it with Amazons Alexa.
Any advice on how to pay for anything from Mexico even if I’m shipping to the us?