Buying Wyze Outside US (UK/Europe)

Any suggestions or advice for buying Wyze products outside the US for delivery to UK or Europe?

I am a long time user of Wyze Cams having purchased the v2s when they were first launched.
My first set, I bought while in the US.
The next I bought from & paid for shipping to the UK.
Took a week to arrive but it wasn’t so expensive & I didnt pay a huge markup on the cams.

I like to buy some v3 cams (and maybe the contact sensors + hub).
I tried from like before but they are now not available to ship outside of the US. (I guess because of the complaints that some service & features like Alexa dont work easily outside the US).

I am aware of the limitations (and always hopeful for future support in Europe).
Does anyone have any clever ideas for how to ship from the US to UK or Switzerland without paying twice the cost for the cams?

I can see that wyze cams on amazon are now around $50 which is near to the price on Amazon UK of £50 so not much of a saving. Wyze cams are now just the same price as other wireless cameras with dual band WiFi and/or Poe. In addition they have UK warranties which can be applied in case of failure or damage so you don’t have to ship them to the US or China for repair.
I too purchased the v2 pan cam and wyze cam and have them set up alongside the Dual band WiFi cameras outside. I liked the discreet size, detection rate and the great price. However they only work on your phone or bluestacks, there is no desktop application or web address to connect to (unless you install unwarrantied firmware). The old mobile android phones are no longer supported for app updates. Now the price has more than doubled I feel they are not worth investing in any more.
If you really want to get hold of them ask a friend to stuff some in his socks when returning from the US.

Thanks for the reply.

This is the main reason for my question.
At $35 the cameras are good value & integrates into my already existing setup.
I don’t want to pay double the price as then you are in blink/eufy/ring/etc territory with offical European support, alexa etc.

I still see the free cloud storage as a big bonus for Wyze though.
I would like to support with CamPlus but until there is Alexa integration & improved notification times I’m holding off.
Again I feel it’s great value as a service compared to others.

I would only buy from Amazon if it was sold & shipped by amazon/Wyze as otherwise there is limited warranty if things go wrong.

It’s been difficult to travel between the continents the last few years but perhaps now I can arrange someone to bring them over more easily.