Going international

Have you guys thought about going international, or selling these internationally?

I am from Brazil, currently living in the US and after purchasing my first Wyze Cam v2, I just ordered the Wyze Cam Pan.

In my opinion you guys would be a success in Brazil, specially since everything is overpriced over there, and I mean, really overpriced.

Just an example, the latest Macbook Pro costs $21k Reais, which is about $5.5k Dollars.

You guys are awesome. Great job and keep it up

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How about offering a UK/Ireland version or a Euro plug version?

I am from New Zealand and bought some cameras to use with my Echo Show 8 devices. But I learned in the meantime that the WyzeCam Alexa Skill is not available yet in my region. But at least Wyze support also informed me that they are working on it. Would love to know when this will be available.

I live in Italy and have to rely on Amazon, shopping and Frontier taxi Is a killer . We are many in Europe that use wyze products,

would be nice to know if ANYTHING has been done about … as wyze should be well aware its a two second tick in a box for them of the skill … “English , Australia”