Amazon sold out cams !?!?

I wanted to order a couple of WCam V2’s, but they have soldi out and before some smart guy ssy’s they sell them on the wyze site ,i live in Europe , wyze doesn’t sell outsider the US. Looks like dell’ing numbers are growing!

Yes, Unfortunately, Wyze only sells within the US for now. While it’s possible to acquire the cameras from resellers in other places, the only authorized sales are within the US. Sales from Amazon resellers or non-US Amazon portals are not authorized sales. Since Wyze can’t offer full support, Wyze doesn’t recommend that non-US residents try to buy the cameras.

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Yeah but we still buy them !!

Sure. You just have to be aware that they aren’t fully supported. If you choose to buy them from unauthorized resellers anyway, that’s your decision.

Any word on IF they’ll be returning to Amazon?

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I have always bought from Wyze site. But I couldn’t pass up Amazon this time. A cam pan and SanDisk extreme 32gb micro SD card was .03 higher than Wyze site but Amazon was one day delivery. Yup one day!

So for all of you that say Amazon builds the delivery fee into the price I’m sure it’s more than .03 for one day delivery.

Sorry Wyze I didn’t stay loyal to your site but I did stay loyal to the brand. That matters more imo.

It may be built into the price, but so is one day’ish shipping, and pickup at your front door free returns. Well,… built into the price and Prime…

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It can’t be built into price if it’s the same as Wyze essentially because .03 difference doesn’t cover any shipping I’m aware of regardless of how much you ship each day. And yes Prime costs but I guarantee with the amount I purchase from Amazon I’m ahead in shipping fees vs buying from some other site. Plus if it doesn’t come on the guaranteed date I call every time and get some sort of refund. I’ve even gotten a full refund and was told to keep the item a couple times.

That price is set by Wyze, not Amazon. As a seller you have to meet certain criteria to list as Prime. One of which I think is to store stock at Amazon warehouses. And of course Amazon gets a set cut of the price. But Amazon operates on a overall profit theory. So they can lose money on a lot of little things. Like how Best Buy will match or outright have the lowest price on a TV, and lose money on it, but turn a profit on all the overpriced cables and accessories and such. Not to mention those extended warranty plans they push at the register.

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You don’t have to tell me how retail works. Before I became disabled I was a retail department store manager. My best year I did $55 million. So I understand how it works. It’s called a loss leader. You lose money on it to lead people into the store. I get how it all works. I also understand the concept of volume purchasing and volume selling. If you buy a lot you get it at a cheaper price. And if you ship a lot you get it at a cheaper price. But I guarantee you can’t ship one day for .03

This is a forum with many readers. My elaborating on a subject isn’t talking down to you, it’s just details that I have no way of knowing if you or anyone else knows, or has thought about. But like I said, Wyze sets the price on Amazon. They obviously make a greater profit margin on their site. I know they made almost $4 bucks more on me when they pulled their regular cams from Amazon 2 weeks ago. Which served to cancel my replacement cam from Amazon. So I had to order it from them directly for almost $4 bucks more, and wait 9 days to get it (3 day weekend).

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I didn’t take it as you’re talking down to me you and I have had very good conversations. I was just explaining to you another side of how life works for different people. That’s all. I didn’t take it negatively or that you were talking down to me in anyway.

And that’s exactly why I bought from Amazon was because it was one day shipping and I didn’t have to wait 5 to 7 days.

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